Cannot login - Connection to server timed out

Soul Shriven
Everything worked fine until now, but since the patch, I cannot login anymore, getting the connection timeout message. Deactivated the addons, still same thing. Game is the steam version, btw.

Restarted the launcher, now the connection timeout comes immediately and the game "could not retrieve announcements".
  • Baertram
    Same here.
    Login to EU servers not possible after patch :-(

    NA server and account login on website do work.

    Please fix this, thank you.
  • Cercidas
    Soul Shriven
    Oh, yes, it's the EU server, sorry, forgot to mention that.
  • ZOS_JesC
    Greetings, we have a few other threads open on this topic so we have decided to close this one. Please feel free to continue the conversation here.
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