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Recs for "new lands" quests?

Not sure what to otherwise call them...

I've gotten into questing after playing the game for almost a year and am pleasantly surprised by the ones that I've chosen to do of my own volition (ie, NOT the Psijic questline grind of misery); I did a bittersweet one in Clockwork City last night with the guy trapped in the robot body... that's beside the point though.

I'm looking for quests that will allow me to explore new places that may be otherwise unavailable... like the Silatar quest, the Ancient Underground in the Imperial City, etc. I've done the main quest, most public dungeons (most notably the one in Stonefalls) and the Clockwork City delves, but otherwise would love to hear about the quests that take you to the neatest areas :)
  • Llaren_Uvayn
    Try the Murkmire DLC.
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