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Is there a possible bug between two quest which both direct to Abnur Tharn?

I am doing MQ which includes The Tharn Speaks where you are supposed to meet/find Abnur Tharn at the local Mages Guild depending what alliance character belong to to continue with MQ. At the same time I am in the quest stage of The Usurper Queen where one also need to talk with Abnur Tharn in Riverhold accoriding to wiki.

Going to MG in Davons Watch one can only find Abnur Tharn at near entrance dressed in his formal Elsweyr clothes and not in the lower level hiding in Monks clothes. All his conversation is related to Elsweyr quest.

Have anybody had the same problem that you can not continue two quest that both are related to one character like this? Is this something that Zeni have missed during testing of quests sequence to continue?

Could somebody at Zeni have look at this @ZOS_GinaBruno or @ZOS_JessicaFolsom, please ? Thank you.

  • oddbasket
    You need to drop the Elsweyr prologue quest. That worked for me.
  • barney2525
    Where are you in the Harboage quests?

    The Proloque option disappears if you get to the part where Tharn is stuck in cold harbor. After you rescue him, it returns.

    I found this out the hard way when I decided to go get the proloque quest before Elsweyr came out. Suddenly the girl messenger had disappeared and he was not in vulkel guard. After I rescued Tharn, she was back and so was he.

    Edited by barney2525 on May 31, 2019 7:35PM
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