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key functions changed since last update

since elsweyr came out, my numlock and capslock keys now bring up windows and minimize ESO, and printscr doesn't take screenshots any more. The game won't let me map them either. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • shipv
    actually it just occurred to me that this happens in Fullscreen mode (as opposed to fullscreen windowed) I recently changed it to fullscreen for performance.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Hmmm, my keyboard commands still work right.

    So, do you have any key binding addons? I use one that makes all my characters have the same key binds, even if I change just one character.

    Did you recently update or change your keyboard software, if you have any? (Most keyboards these days don't have this so probably not this)

    Have you swapped keyboards to see if the issue persists?
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  • shipv
    no changes, but I did switch to "fullscreen" mode around the same time elsweyr came out.
  • Shaie
    My husband had some type of weird issues as well, not sure if they were mouse or keyboard related. He ended up having to put the game into windowed (not windowed-fullscreen) just so that he could play. I wasn't playing nor in the room with him the entire time he was having issues, but I do seem to recall him being bewildered that certain things were occurring when he was doing natural game stuff. I want to say, when he pressed certain keys which would make it a keyboard issue, but I honestly don't entirely remember. I was busy doing wife & homemaker stuff...

    Anyway, try windowed mode & see if things work again. Also, I think his problems happened prior to Elsweyr but only just.
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