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What DLC to buy and how to buy if game is owned on STEAM

Soul Shriven
As the title says I am having a problem. I own on STEAM the Tamriel Unlimited edition of the game. I have a friend who wants to play and I am looking into getting back into the game. My question is do i have to buy all DLC (Morrowind, Summerset, etc ) separate now because STEAM is only offering the Elsweyr DLC and nothing else and thats $39.99 and doesnt come with the other Expansions, I am unable to buy any other packs on that Store Page because I already own the base game. Would I have to buy the DLC in-game with crowns? that would be 7000 (Summerset and Morrowind) crowns which cost $55. Would I have to buy the Elsweyr Digital Standard Edition on the main store page for Elder Scrolls Online because that does come with the DLCs. Because that is only $60 which is much cheaper than buying $55 worth of crows + the Elsweyr DLC on STEAM for $39.99.

All help is appreciated and is welcomed.
  • ZOS_BillE

    Since you own the game through Steam, you will need to make DLC purchases on Steam or through the Crown Store.
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  • idk

    However, it would make sense to remove your games from Steam because of the on going issues Steam players have had where they cannot log in for hours at a time.
    Really, idk
  • Xgrem
    Soul Shriven
    @ZOS_BillE So i have too spend more money than other people. Yeah no thank you. Why would i pay more thank others?

    Thank you for your comments
  • Shaie
    I don't think he can, idk. It seems he purchased the base game through Steam & when you do that you're stuck with Steam.

    However I am unsure as to why OP thinks s/he will be paying more than everyone else. We have all had to purchase each chapter and honestly? If s/he is purchasing Morrowind & Summerset NOW, s/he is paying LESS than probably most players because those chapters are older & have had their prices way reduced.

    There are also other sites from which purchases can be made that grant Steam keys. Good Old Games (GoG), GreenManGaming (GMG), and Humble Bundle are just a few.
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