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Leveling Necro, Mag Or Stam?

FYI- Been out of the game about 4 years, was far from complete understanding then.I'm a total Guide player on builds, sorry, it allows me to enjoy the game without all the critical thought process involved in adapting to what's "efficient this month"

Leveling as a necro now that the new expansion is out, Only level 10 so far, and using a MagCro leveling build, Really interested in Stamcro as I played all stam builds last time I played, but a tad confused on where to focus early on skill wise til I'm able to clear 50 and tear into a "complete" build that's online.

I've looked around and usually find finished build or walls of text that make my eyes cross interpreting it being gone so long, Any advice is welcomed, just really want to enjoy the class, and would be easier to adapt to my end goal of Stam, if I could get a grip on it early.

Thanks in advance, and sorry I'm trash :)
  • KhajiitFelix

    Scythe OP
  • Bored_Owl
    I've been having a lot of fun with stam necro in both PvP and PvE.

    Skill choice depends on what you're doing with the toon, but Scythe is a good skill to have, and I like having the Skull on my bar for a decent ranged option.
    I'd recommend against Blastbones for now since it's bugged (doing a lot less damage than the tooltip lists).
    For PvP specifically, the purge is a very good option since it costs health instead of mag or stam (just be super careful while using it, I've accidentally killed myself that way more than once).
    For ults, the Goliath is a good one (I got killed by someone using the damage morph as a sort-of bomber) and the Colossus does good damage.
    The bone armor is good and drops a corpse on death for either you or another necro to use. There's a morph that pulls in ranged enemies so if you're more of a melee fighter that would work out well for you (I'm using bow right now so that's not an issue for me).

    Fair warning: I normally play mag toons and healers, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
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