Necromancer Class & Skills Preview - Looks like a must have!

Hi everyone. I wanted to share a video Cas put together for the upcoming Necromancer class. You can read the full Necromancer Skill List here.

TL;DR I think we are in agreement with a lot of others that this is an extremely powerful class that seems to have little downside and will likely dominate PVP (and maybe PVE too) like Wardens did when they first came out. We expect the nerfhammer will come down in a few months - but overall if this trend keeps and you haven't preordered Elsweyr, you likely should! haha.

I see lots of suggestions and such but it'll be interesting to see how things balance. Do Necros need nerfing, or other classes buffing?

Edited by Fexelea on April 18, 2019 3:42AM
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