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[Social/PvE/RP] Dawn's Light Sanctuary looking for members - Raid progression group call


the newly formed social guild Dawn's Light Sanctuary recruits new members. We have a core group of very active members and offer content such as raids (e.g. currently nCR+X), skyshard runs, duel tournaments, and role-play. We have an active Discord community and a nice guild hall. If you are tired of playing alone, feel free to join us (message me here or ingame @twisterior).

Best, Twisterior

Raid progression
Now I come to the part where I am responsible: Building up a raid progression group. Therefore I am looking for players who want to aim on higher goals and have some experience with trials. We raid Tuesdays from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm. We will start with clearing all veteran Craglorn within the next two weeks and then move on to vAS, vCR, vMoL or run for achievements in Craglorn - depending on the group's wishes.
Since it is part of a social guild, we are not elitist and do not want to force you in a certain meta or so. Thus, if you are running for scores - your are wrong here. But if you want to progress with a group from the beginning through all trials, contact me (or if you have any questions). Of course, to clear the content we have some requirements which are not absolute but which we wish to fulfill (this holds only for the progression group, the regular trials have no requirements):

- 30k+ DPS on a 3mio dummy with the following parse rules and trial gear:
- orbs and elemental drain or major fracture provided
- raid gear: Zaan only if you are meele; Siroria+Relequen only if you can work with during raids (and have alternatives for certain fights); ...

HEAL (horn and purge skilled)
TANK (horn skilled, purge recommended; Dragonknight; 35k+ health, 28k+ resistances)

- 15k+ health (without ebon); 160+ CP (please inform me if you have less than 510 CP); purple+ gear
- Discord to listen (tanks and healers have to talk)
- immunitiy to wipes and frustration; friendly and helpful attitude
- regular participation (on a long term perspective - message me if you have temporary time issues)
- Addons: Raid Notifier and Foundry Tactical Combat (enable sharing damage, horn tracker)[

We currently form and some of us are flexible, so in principal all roles are open. Contact me for details (message me here or ingame @twisterior).

Best, Twisterior
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