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Performance issues of Mac client

For past few days I am encountering lots of technical issues with the game to the point that i have to admit that game was a lot more playable with Murkmire launch than it is now.

1. Random disconnects. So far just a few times but then before last patch it did not happen at all.
2. Performance dropped significantly. Especially today when loading objects in game can take several minutes (yes, several, not a few). Needless to say that i.e. Cyrodiil is completely unplayable right now as most players are not even shown. But same thing happens in every zone
3. Weird behaviour that with game started I have tried to switch to some web browser and open some (any really) website. Every web browser I have checked so far failed due to timeouts. The only solution to fix connectivity issues was to quit the game...
4. Randomly getting 999+ ping and 1 FPS. Again area does not matter really.

Now before anyone comes here and tells me to restart router - done that already and every other application is working as it should.

Seriously, ZOS, it is time to wake up!
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