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Game freezes while loading into the game.

Currently takes me 3-5 attempts to load my characters into the game before i get though. Usually in glenumbra or daggerfall manor. After character select screen it starts to load then the music stops and the symbol stops spinning.
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  • doomette
    Likewise. In fact, I’m on my fifth attempt right now *grumbles*
  • kwbonin
    Soul Shriven
    I have the same problem. Has anyone resolved this? I am about to give up playing the game.
  • ZOS_Bill
    As this thread is a few months old we are closing the discussion. You are welcome to start a new thread if no recent ones exist. If you continue to have issues loading your character into the game, you should try the troubleshooting in the help article below.

    What do I do if I my ESO character can't load into a zone?
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