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Will Summerset CE Items be Coming to the Crown Store?

To my knowledge the Morrowind CE items were released shortly after the announcement of the Summerset Chapter, yet the same has not been done with the Summerset CE items after the recent Elsweyr announcement. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was ever planned to be done or if I have my information wrong and it is going to be done at the Elsweyr release and not the announcement, or if they simply never intend on releasing those kinds of items to the Crown Store ever again.
  • bluebird
    I suspect that with the release of Elsweyr, they will convert Summerset into a DLC, sell Jewelcrafting as a separate purchase like the Warden (or add it to the base game like they did with BGs), and will put up the CE items on the Crown Store.

    And the Morrowind CE items were actually released after Summerset launched on all platforms, not when it was announced.
    'The Morrowind Collector's Bundle Pack will be available in the Crown Store on all platforms starting on June 5.' (from the 2018 June showcase :wink:)–-June-2018
  • Anumaril
    Thank you! I definitely got my information wrong there.
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