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seriously, no way to see what mail you've sent?

Did they just decide not to finish the game or something?
  • ElliottXO
  • Sallakat
    In my previous MMO there was no such thing as Sent Mails feature in the emails so at least I'm not missing it. The game always suggests your friends names when you start typing so you should pick the name up from there. Also if you're selling someting to a stranger, you always should COD feature in the email = Cash On Delivery.
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  • KerinKor
    loudent wrote: »
    Did they just decide not to finish the game or something?
    I currently play 7 MMOs, only one has a mail history of any kind so it's the exception not the rule.

  • Frosthawk
    If you send stuff on mail you need use that cod for and it does show up in history after you'r co-partner have taken shipped items, then little bit later mail system notifies and you can take cod back.
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  • ElSlayer
    loudent wrote: »
    Did they just decide not to finish the game or something?
    Saving such history would result in HUGE amounts of data to store. So your trolling is inappropriate.
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    @TaffyIX: Life is too short to get upset by a video game.
  • mutharex
    You sure you not getting confused with your email client or gmail ?? Real bad trolling
  • Holmes
    Only thing that bothered me about the mailing feature is that there is no direct "reply" button.
  • cyberjanet
    They don't need to store it forever, just till you log out would be fine. I have just been sending out prizes to people, and my inventory indicates I forgot to attach some.
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  • Cathexis
    The entire mail system needs to be completely overhauled. It is horrendous; it is almost always over-stacked and it makes it impossible to cod or get player mail or access items you buy from auction. I try to enjoy the game as it is now and not have too many gripes (people rage on devs a lot, but I mean it's a beautiful game in a lot of ways) but this feature really needs to be reworked and it would not be that hard.

    They really need to at least separate player mail and auctions from rewards etc, bare minimum. Day to day transaction mail should always be prioritized over rewards.
    Edited by Cathexis on January 9, 2019 2:29AM
  • Minyassa
    Agreed. They pop up suggested names from your guilds when you type an @-letter and if you accidentally select the wrong one (which is very easy to do if you happen to mouse just a fraction of a millimeter too far up or down) you'd never know it, just someone else gets stuff you meant to send to someone, who doesn't get it, and if that person isn't honest you're screwed.
  • zaria
    Nice to see people leveling necromancy :)
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • heavier
    ElSlayer wrote: »
    loudent wrote: »
    Did they just decide not to finish the game or something?
    Saving such history would result in HUGE amounts of data to store. So your trolling is inappropriate.

    ESO is still using tape drives to store data
    which is why my inbox is full with spammed bg rewards that I will either put on trader or deconstruct
  • idk
    On PC there is an addon I used to use that kept a history of sent mail.. I do not recall the name and either I do not use it anymore or it changed.

    I do not know if a history of sent mail was part of the early full fledged UI that was part of the game in early testing. The early UI had more of the type of information we are accustomed to in a MMORPG. However, many TES fans wanted it to be the simplistic TES style which is what we got in the end.

    When confronted Zos claimed they ditched the normal MMORPG UI for this no frills one because they wanted us to get our information from the environment which we know they lacked the technical ability to make even that work properly. I guess that included our sent mail history. lol.
    Really, idk
  • thorwyn
    A message history would indeed be a nice-to-have feature.
    The raid leaders in my guild are posting weekly schedules for trials and raids and you can sign up for them via ingame message. And sometimes, I simply forget what raids I singed up for, so I would love to just check my outboox and be sure.
    However, I also see that this would cause a lot of unneccessary data.
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