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Twitch Drops - January 2019

I recently saw many twitch streamers for eso putting down drops as enabled. However, im unaware of any schedule posted by zos. Any concrete info to help clear up the confusion on this would be appreciated.
  • Checkmath
    Class Representative
    Twitch streamers get a certain amount ofgive-aways from ZOS from time to time. The schedule to hand them out is mostly dependent on the steamer. Surely ZOS can organize some twitch drop events and ask the streamers to do give-aways at specific dates, but normally it is up to the streamer, when they do give-aways.
    Edited by Checkmath on January 17, 2019 3:57PM
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  • Burgererer
    @Checkmath that adds some clarity. But normally zos puts out a schedule when theres drops enabled for all eso streams. Was literally watching a stream team member who was like "oh right drops are enabled right now. I need to put that in the description!" This was during the pvp event, so we can assume there was drops for all of eso, but never did i see on the eso site any mention of them.
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