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Battlegrounds/deserter bugs

Why do I get the deserter penalty for game crashes, BG’s not loading/starting, general issues that are out of my control? Thanks to that I have the time to come into the forums and complain that I have the deserter penalty for a BG that wouldn’t start after 5+ minutes of “waiting for players”. That’s almost as bad as the dungeon queue being broken during that event.
  • Anotherone773
    This bug should have been fixed already. The last Mayhem event was horrible about this bug. I have one more BG i need for the quest before i can go to bed. Now i have to wait 20 minutes and then do a BG because ZOS thinks selling trinkets is more important than having a working product.

    Oh and thats not all. I had 4/5 on the match quest and you reset me to zero when the timer for BGs reset. So now i have to 9 BGs for event tickets instead of 5.

    Its not like we are asking you for something insane and completely out of the realm of possibility. We just want to play a working game. Is THAT to much to ask? This game has more bugs than most games ive played in beta and that is really sad.
  • rustle911
    The worst part is that I actually opened a support ticket for this. They spent the entire time focusing on crashes versus their bugs. The penalty system is garbage. If there weren't any problems then that's fine. but I shouldn't have to wait an extra 20 minutes to do content because your game had an accident.
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