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What housing updates are you hoping to see this year?

What housing updates are you hoping to see this year?
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  • thorwyn
    * Item scaling
    * Music Instruments
    * Ability to rotate items in predefined angle increments
    * Furniture "crafting bag"
    * Portal Stone
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  • Kagukan
    Items like weapon racks and individual weapons and armor.

    Would be great to be able to increase or decrease the size of items.


    Items that can be harvested. Like a tree that drops x amount of wood to harvest each day.
  • Luxtica
    Soul Shriven
    Resize objects
    I need to resize chandeliers in my villa really bad!

    Edit; Add me to the list of supporters for water also:)
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  • R_K
    For those on pc I would recommend checking out Essential Housing Tools and it’s new FX feature for custom water, fog, sky, creature, landscaping and building options.
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  • EphemeraCrawford
    More small houses. Put them in towns so we can live in our favourite areas. (In Clockwork City for instance) C"mon guys you can sell so much furniture.
  • eso_nya
    more slots
  • ezio45
    - upped housing cap
    - mannequins for armor
    - weapon plaques
    - Ability to visit non primary houses
  • TheRealPotoroo
    Oh, yeah, allow wayshrines in the gardens. Want to know why I don't use the free Summerset mansion? IT'S SO FAR FROM A WAYSHRINE IT TAKES AN ABSURD AMOUNT OF TIME TO GET ANYWHERE FROM IT.
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  • Ertosi
    This thread is rich with wonderful ideas!

    I'll add a few of mine which I have posted elsewhere before:

    Player Guild Furnishings: Furnishings which display the same emblem that displays on a Guild's Tabard. Could include myriad items like Banners, Tapestries, Rugs, Crates, Shields, Statues, and siege weapons. Shouldn't be costly computer-resource-wise as they would all be pointing to the same texture for the Guild Emblem.

    Attunable Portals: Purchasable with writs at the Mage's or Psijic's guilds. Must be attuned at a Wayshrine, Delve, or Public Dungeon (ie respawn points; no pvp areas or trials) before placement. Allows anyone to use it to teleport directly to the target area's respawn point.

    More Specialty Furnishings purchasable with Writs: Things like Crafting Writ Request Boards, Crafting Drop Off Boxes, Wayshrines, and Stables to help make epic guild houses.
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  • Grianasteri
    Tasear wrote: »
    What housing updates are you hoping to see this year?

    Housing is a woefully under developed aspect of ESO. Credit where its due, they have the genus of a great idea and a great feature, that is now being let down because its neglected. The key is making houses useful and as you say, interactive.

    - Increase the dreadfully low item limits on all houses, which is ridiculous, what is the point in gaining all those monster trophies if you cant even display them all? What is the point in having all those pets and mounts if they cannot all be placed? The game has grown and house space has not grown with it. Heck Id even PAY to increase the size ESO.

    - Ability to place all your accounts characters around your house, in exactly the same way the banker, shop and fence can be. This would really increase the immersion, as if your characters can be part of the same fellowship with your house as the base.

    - As above, ability to place numerous NPC, non interactive characters, such as a stable hand, a cook, bar tenders, shop keepers, dock workers, servants and GUARDS! This would massively increase immersion, allowing you to make your home a community, at least aesthetically. It makes sense that a powerful and successful warrior/mage etc as we are supposed to be, would have this.

    - Ability to colour or "paint" some items, like walls. Were really getting towards the 'Ark' side of construction and customisability now though. Its not a priority for me.
  • anadandy
    ghastley wrote: »
    I'd like to see Inn rooms and Apartments get to one per zone eventually. It would provide a direct path to the zone for any alts that haven't yet explored that zone.

    So true. There are "barred" (i.e unusable) doors all over that could become apartments since character just magically port into the interiors. Balmoral, Hew's Bane - heck even in Cyrodiil (I know, I know - but there are some adorable little houses in Cyrodiil)

  • Jaraal
    The ability to open up all of our homes for viewing, and more stairs in colors other than white.
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  • raikumori
    Tasear wrote: »
    What housing updates are you hoping to see this year?

    For the love of everything holy, please please PLEASE let us ride mounts through the larger homes!

    I love my gigantic houses, but it’s so hard to show people the general overview or just get from one side to the other on foot.

    Also, I’m gonna throw in my vote for more water features, NPC’s that move around, guild specific decorations, opening all of our houses to people, and attunable Wayshrines. That would be amazing.
    Edited by raikumori on February 1, 2019 1:08AM
  • Lindsey
    I'd like npcs to visit my home. Randomly would be nice to greet me when I arrive home. They could been give special items if you see them in your home. This would encourage me to visit more.

    I would also like an increase in certain item types.
    I'd like an increase in the storage box item limit, 60 and 30 isn't enough.
    For the roof to be fixed in many homes where when it rains through the roof ie daggerfall manor and the 1 in the rift.
    I would like the ability to change my merchant and bankers costumes. Mannequins would be nice where you could put them in your homes to display costumes.
    I would also like to see more colourful vibrant house items. I have forgot which area they are in (think it's dominion) has lovely bright red trees.
  • Watchdog
    Unlimited furnishings bag for ESO+ members.
    Member of Alith Legion:
  • Argon9
    Soul Shriven
    There is few things i would like to have that came up my mind:

    Unlimited furnishings bag for ESO+ members - I have lots of furnishing items and it gets soon full in my bank :D

    Ambient npcs - think of having your alts / or some kind of racial/ faction themed npcs walking around or interacts as you ever please too fit your home. I would love have some argonian tribe folk themed npcs too my Lakemire Xanmeer Manor.

    Armor Mannequins and weapon plaques - almost like in skyrim it would be cool to have that.

    Guild themed furnishing - pressent your guild at your home, banners, flags and so on.

    Racial themed craft stations - i would like to have some nice argoian craft station styles.

  • Jaraal
    Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever see ambulatory housing NPCs because pathing is different in every home.

    They can program set paths for regular game NPCs because they know where the obstacles are in every zone. I can envision the majority of NPCs getting stuck and walking in place or bouncing around where we put furnishings, trees, etc... or falling off cliffs, etc.

    It's a nice idea, but highly impractical to implement.

    Edited by Jaraal on February 2, 2019 6:08PM
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  • Fiktius
    Like mentioned before, unlimited furnishing bag for ESO + members would be a dream to have.
    I'm currently considering to get that new Arena house and make it as a new guildhall, but it will be a pain to move all the attunable crafting stations from original house into new one. :s

    And now when mentioning crafting stations, I also would like to see own furnishing item slots for crafting stations only.
    I find it pity that I can add many useless Undaunted trophies around my house since they have own item slots, but most important guild hall aspect - crafting stations - takes so many item slots that it's harder to make a house cozy with proper lightning and avoid making the house look half empty due limited slots. Giving own item slots for crafting stations would make guild halls great again. :)
    (Own furnishing slots for mundus stones would be nice as well.)
  • superryan94
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to see more options to immerse crafting stations in workstations to improve the looks of a workshop.
    Also, due to the level of detail I demand in my own creations it's impossible to use all the room in big houses.
    Like Psijic villa, I can only use the central hall, the balconies and the open towers at the side with thee slots I have leaving the garden, backroom and the 2 wings completely empty.
    Also since the main hall is going to be a bar like place I like to have some kind of animated npc in my house to make it feel more lively. Now it will just look like some abandon shed with a merchant and banker giving it a very unpleasant feeling to be in.
    Edited by superryan94 on February 2, 2019 11:30PM
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