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The Life Giver Ultimate won't activate sometimes (Resto Staff)

A number of times, I've been clicking the buttons to activate this ultimate and it just won't activate. The icon turns dark sometimes when I press the buttons. I understand it not working while I'm stunned but when people are dumping the ultimates and I'm trying to run out of the AOE, I'm clicking it and it won't work. I've tested it and it seems like I have to stand perfectly still for at least one second before pressing the buttons and then it works.
  • Shadowshire
    @StarOfElyon @ZOS_Wrobel

    An interesting observation. But I doubt that ZOS will consider that behaviour to be either a flaw in the ability's design, or the result of a "bug" somewhere in the game client and/or in the megaserver host software. Or maybe they will. And if they do, maybe they will change it or maybe just let it be regardless.

    In game design, there tends to be a principle: how the game software behaves -- the input it acknowledges and processes, and the output which it produces -- inherently expresses the rules of playing the game.

    So, if the player can do it, then it is permitted by the design and implementation. If a player cannot do it, then it is not permitted by the design and/or by the implementation of the software. In other words, it is "against the rules". Does that make sense to you?

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