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I hope you like grinding... It's all we seem to be getting now.

  • rumple9
    Why bother grinding for an ugly cosmetic mount. Just play the game and enjoy
  • Thalidar

    The point is, maybe I want to skip a day or two and make up for it later? I cant.

    What if I want to put in all the work and earn the new mount next week? Cant, got to wait for a whole quater's worth of events. What if I want the 5th mount style? Guess I got to wait a year.

    I get your point, but im saying that if some of the most dedicated players like yourself with 7 feathers, are only doing the initial quests of each event, then there must be some fundamental design issue. These events are supposed to be fun are they not? Its madness.

    I completely agree, it is madness if people choose to sacrifice fun over possible rng based rewards, but every person has to decide what they value more.

    For me it came down to priorities. I either do the grinds and get bored, shortly thereafter quit the game, or do a couple and go back to enjoying my normal game play. I opted to throw away the grind, do the daily and just get daily event tickets. (2 per day, so who cares if I miss a day)..

    I like ESO, (even with all its little flaws) so why ruin what I enjoy.

    Now if I find a game grindy I delete the game and never go back. No ifs, buts, or maybes it's gone for good. Not even them offering me more money to test there games brings me back.

    Never, ever forget, nothing in a game is more important than actually enjoying the game, and the freebies mean nothing if you actually dread turning it on. Look past the hype and focus on only what you know you'll enjoy as your only priority.

    Nb: the Indrik grind will only be a grind if you want to rush through all 5 colours, and you also have the option to buy tickets from the crown store anyway.

    Simply put you can either let the game control you or you control the game.
  • Nova Sky
    Nova Sky
    Fortunately, the Indrik mounts don't interest me one whit. So, no real grinding for me. :smiley:
    "Wheresoever you go, go with all of your heart."
  • Chelo
    Nyladreas wrote: »
    ... Because you're going to have to be here every day for every event in the next year if you want all your Indrik mount variations.

    For real though, ZOS, can we get some engaging content rather than mindless/grindy busywork with only a nice reward that forces us to do this *** if we want it?

    Once every day, 24 hours, I can get 2 tickets, I need 40 for the berries (Which are content gated anyway), so once a day I get 5% of a mount. It goes so *** slow that there is almost no translatable "worth" to the progress I make each day. Ill be doing this every event

    Same with the new life festival and the new ice skin. Cool AF, dont get me wrong, but to get it I had to spend a few weeks 40 mins of pointless quests (the vast majority of which where spent in a loading screen or sprinting to a wayshrine) for maybe 0.5 charity writs per day per character. So I had to work my way through this grind about 24 times to get the reward at the end.

    Whats the fun?

    So what I think would be more fun;

    Harder challenge content;
    • vMA was great, the polymorph sucks but I enjoyed the content (at-least until grinding it for Winterborn gear sucked all the fun out of it anyway)
    • BRP was also fantastic, a cool skin and only requiring a group of 4 which is much more achievable for people who don't have a dedicated trials guild

    Longer form content;
    • I mean all you need to do is just do the same old content, but rather than making it in tiny little bits, give us bigger chunks of content that take longer but reward more
    • Would remove the feeling of worthlessness to the tiny progress made each day, would remove a lot of the grindy feel even though you're still doing the same amount

    Less RNG;
    • This one is less big, but I feel obliged to mention it because of the New Life Festival.
    • I got 2 charity writs on 1 char on the first day, I know people who got 6 and sold each for 100k, I personally then went 4 days without seeing another writ.
    • This ties into the last point about tiny drips of progress feeling worthless. Give us bigger goals with guaranteed rewards, not content artificially drawn out by luck.

    New Life festival was particularly disappointing with the writs being RNG, but it should also be quite frankly re-designed, 3 quests, one for each faction zone, big content, big fights. Same time to complete or even much longer, but less traveling and more fun than sitting waiting for a dance animation. Last reward box each day on a character (limited to 1 per account) gives you a writ.

    As for the Indrik, I feel like you're missing the point that a lot of people enjoy with the older event challenges; collecting the achievements. Its a challenge, its an established thing that people already enjoy and now they have new content and new achievements to go to for a short time. The indrik takes nothing of this, it takes 5 mins a day to get your 5% progress, no more, no less. Its not challenging, not engaging and not fun.

    You are turning this game into a skinner box. Eventually the monotony of the tasks you've been given starts to hit you, and the things designed to draw players back in become something people would rather just avoid.

    Nobody forces you to do anything. You wanting all indriks is your decision lol. You're just being greedy and it makes you entitled tbh. Just my opinion anyways.

    I only care about one indrik.

    I do agree however, that events need some "new life".

    The point is that these kind of events only reward grinding, have nothing to do about skill or at least having fun.

    For example I find more interesting the Flawless Conqueror title because it's something that reward your skil and the ability to complete hard content.

    Events should be fun or at least have something to do about skill, make the rewards actually feel "special", not something that only people with no life could get...
  • FrancisCrawford
    It's just another form of trying to motivate people to log in frequently.

    MMOs are hardly alone in doing that; it's an increasingly big deal in casual mobile gaming as well.

    E.g., see (and note the date on the article).
    Oh give it a rest already
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  • maboleth
    Nestor wrote: »
    I am glad that I have no interest in the Indrik Mount.

    I was interested, because at first I thought the berries could be find in the wild. Then I learned it's another "feather" thing, but I thought 4 berries would mean 4 transformations. Not so - 4 berries = 1 permanent transformation.

    And I lost any interest doing it. Tedious grind for something of 0 fun value. I will do quests when I feel doing it, if I get the event tickets, fine. Otherwise don't care.

    And it hits people with addiction to HAVE to have it completed, typical MMO element nowadays. Addiction > fun, sadly.
  • Arunei
    You absolutely can miss a day or two and make up for it during other events. Including this one, there are FIVE events in Q1, and I highly doubt all of them are going to only give one ticket per day. This event is lasting eleven days and we're getting two tickets a day. Even if the next four events (Morrowind, TG, DB, and Jester's) last only a week and give one ticket per day (which Jester's lasts 2 weeks like pretty much any other Tamrielic holiday festival event thingy), that's still 55 possible tickets when counting the 22 you can get from Midyear. You only need 40 to get all four Berries. So again, yes, you can easily miss a few days if you want to take a mini break or space out the days you're doing stuff. And since like I said, Jester's Fest last 2 weeks and not one, that's actually another seven tickets to bump the minimum up to 62 tickets, if we only get one per day for every other event in Q1.

    And there's no flaw in design with people only doing initial events having a lot of extra tickets for additional Feathers, because only the first objective per day gives the tickets. I honestly have to give ZOS credit for not making it so completing numerous objectives give both additional tickets on top of whatever box is given for completing those objectives every day, because then it would be much more grindy and people would have much better reason to complain for the tickets to feel grindy. But as it stands, you only need to do one objective per day for your tickets; beyond that, any farming/grinding is on the player, because then it's a matter of getting the actual event objective rewards, not the tickets.

    And again, you don't have to religiously do every event for every day it runs. Will it give you wiggle room if you do, and potentially get you your evolved Indriks faster? Most definitely. But you can miss several days and still be fine; heck, you could likely sit out an entire event and still be ok, just like you could last year with getting the 40 tickets for the initial Indrik.

    Basically the point here is pace yourself. If you're getting bored or burned out, then stop pushing yourself to do the content and do something else you enjoy for a while. You'll still get your mounts and you'll be less stressed for it.
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  • Tigerseye
    God forbid you have to earn something.

    Sorry dad...

    In all seriousness, I think it is inevitable that you will have some repetitiveness in an MMO, but beyond a certain point (i.e. where the fun ends) it becomes unacceptable.

    Only do what you still, at least somewhat, enjoy.

    FlyingSwan wrote: »
    The alternative is to play the bits of the game you like and ignore the hideous mount. It's just a fake mount in a game. If getting four of them is some sort of life priority, I really don't know what to think.

    I guess some people really like them?

    I don't like them enough to bother; but, if I did, it might be an issue.

    ...and yeah, they're just fake mounts, in a game, but people like their mounts.

    If they didn't, they wouldn't be able to (virtually) keep entire games going on the back of them.
    Edited by Tigerseye on January 12, 2019 7:06PM
  • AlienSlof
    ezio45 wrote: »
    i gave up on the indrik mount and eso a long time ago lol

    So why are you still here? Move on already.
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  • mikemacon
    It’s almost as if we’re playing an MMORPG.

  • Palidon
    Face it folks this game is all about rinse and repeat grind game play. If you are new to ESO it has a lot to offer as far as content. However, if you have been around since beta then its a grind fest that most likely has gotten old and if not will eventually. I left ESO because I had done everything it had to offer and it was time to move on to something new.

    I still come back to the forums from time to time to see what is going on.

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