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Haven't received Gryphon Pet

Not sure where I should be putting this, bought 2 people 500 crown item each between the specified days but haven't received the pet and yes I checked
  • Glaiceana
    Check your collectibles if you haven't already. There was no message to say received or collect it, it just appeared for me. :)
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  • playfull_kitten

    I still haven't got it, although i did the gifting on time. I don't know why i didn't got it so i guess it might be a bug.
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  • TimeViewer
    Glaiceana wrote: »
    Check your collectibles if you haven't already. There was no message to say received or collect it, it just appeared for me. :)

    last 3 words of my post ;)
  • tspecherb14_ESO
    Same boat. Has not arrived yet.
  • shaielzafine
    So where's the gryphon pet? I thought it would arrive by yesterday
  • shaielzafine
    NVM, i checked today it's there in collections
  • ManwithBeard9
    Haven't received my pet either. Yes, looked in collections.
  • KrisFro
    Soul Shriven
    I haven’t received one either and thought I met the requirements. I checked collections. I’m on the NA server.

    Edit: I put in a support ticket and help desk responded quickly with pet
    Edited by KrisFro on January 8, 2019 9:52PM
  • RTGSplatterKing
    Soul Shriven
    I haven't received my pet either. My issue is that I gifted an item to a friend who already owned the item. I was able to send them a different gift and send the returned gift to another friend. I meet the criteria by sending two 500 crown gifts to 2 separate people. However, I've been unsuccessful in reaching results in a support ticket. My support agents have insisted that the automated reward system only detects me sending one person 2 gifts even though I gifted a returned item a second time to a separate account.
  • MusekininKanchou
    Wow, every other time I'd get spammed with an announcement "collection updated non combat pet blah blah" or something. Thanks for letting us know. (sarcasm)
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