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House arena contest.

How about enabling duels in houses? This way we could make our own arenas and do new guild events to fight eachother and win gold based on the players. Or just have a party with friends and drink then naked brawl. It would be a cool adition. Making a rink for people to fight. Imagine the parties people would throw in houses!
  • Synozeer
    Duels are enabled in houses. Have been for a very long time.
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  • Futerko
    around 1 year ago? dont remember exacly, was conctect duel arena and 1st prize was grand topal house, it was topic on forum about this contest+ many guild doing that contest in house also. pvp guild and housing guild

  • Peritye
    Okay so eso is now adding a house for pvp!!! Guess this worked out perfectly.
  • dtsharples
    As mentioned, you have been able to duel in houses for quite some time now.
    But the limits are the same as anywhere else in the world. Its only ever 1 versus 1, with no added function in houses to make team versus team fights (which would be a fantastic addition IMO).
    Also at present, you can't duel on anything that is raised off the ground, or above water - Well, you can. Just all your ground based effects fall through the world instead of hitting your opponent.
    Allowing small teams to fight each other would really add something special to ESO - a lot of people do enjoy duelling, but at present it's a pretty basic idea.
    What we need are essentially player created Battlegrounds.
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