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Pack Leader bug in VMA

I run about 5-6 times VMA a week .

I found that Pack Leader will be bugged from stage 6 , wolfs disappear and no longer respawn unless I die .

Can you all please check it ? Thank you !
  • Wolf_Watching
    This one sucks. Also happens when spawning in as a werewolf in werewolf house. Not as important tho.
    For All Those Who Don’t Understand What Real Balancing is, or What The Word Buff Means in Video Games:
    Please just stop (with the nerfomancing). We are all sick of people like you, no offense. Just play the game w/o gear or armor. You are going to die and scream anyway.

    Otherwise I don’t mind helping you fix your build for either PvE or PvP. Just hit me up w/ a PM.
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