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We Need More Sofas/Couches

As per the title, really.

We need more (craftable), good looking, sofas/couches.

Ideally, ones that will seat 4 (but, with 2 large seat cushions).

I know people make amazing looking ones out of other objects; but, I'm talking about the ones that count as a single item and that you can sit on.

There are really only Khajiit and Redguard sofas.

Which is very limiting, in terms of style and both are, also, in shades of red; which is, again, limiting

The Alinor Bench, Verdent is incredibly pretty, but it is only a backless bench, at the end of the day.

It is not a comfortable-looking sofa, suitable for less uptight races and/or colder climes.
  • Jaraal
    All hail the sofa king!

    There's also a Telvanni sofa, and Hlaalu and Redoran backless sofas. Would be cool to have some sort of Louis XIV style antique style furnishings, though.
    RIP Bosmer Nation. 4/4/14 - 2/25/19.
  • Aurelle1
    Agree with OP on all counts. We also need more comfy slouchy armchairs, as well as the upright dining carvers.
  • Tigerseye
    Bumping this, because I just don't get it?

    They know we have ongoing furnishing slot issues and they refuse to raise the limits.

    They then make an xpac based on the Khajiit - the inventors (apparently) of the fully upholstered sofa and yet, what do we get?

    Another upholstered sofa, in a slightly different style, size and/or colourway?


    Wooden benches, which can only be made comfortable-looking with several cushions added to them.

    Yes, the cushions are very nice looking, but it means instead of using one slot for a sofa, we will now need to use at least 4.

    This makes no sense.
    Edited by Tigerseye on May 21, 2019 1:42PM
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