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Spirit ignition.

This has killed me so many times on stage 5 of vbrp. Have no idea what it is or how to avoid it.

It's not the spirit scream.. while I'm picking up ghosts I randomly explode and die.
  • Hamrb
    if you pick up three ghosts youll inevitably die if you dont cleanse
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  • jerrodbuffington
    That's a different death. Spirit ignition happens every round at about the same time. Drakeeh does the animation that starts the "ghost pahse". Then you start collecting ghosts. A few seconds before he does spirit scream he does this.. It's like the ghosts all zap(lack of a better word) at the same time. The times I died I was in the circle with the gold ghost but right before I picked it up. So it seems that if you have a ghost on you, less than 3, and you are getting another one but not quite there this "ignition" happens and you take damage. Sometimes i died and sometimes it reduced my health by 80 percent.
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