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why was my post removed from here?????

i posted my ingame issue here, since i was not getting a response from zos on the other threads or e-mails and now it's not showing up here. now i'm rather livid. i've reached out at least a dozen times via ingame assistance, and now here just to have my issue removed???? very unprofessional especially considering how much money i've spent in this game, just to be disregarded when i've continuously reached out for help and the issues still persist. that's pretty crappy customer service.
  • kadochka
    What's the issue (general category)?
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  • shatterjugs
    about issues with the erstwhile sanctuary house and the several issues with it since it dropped that haven't been fixed.
  • idk
    You have two threads on the same subject created two says apart. The link to one is below. So it is not removed, it may have been moved.

    Currently both are in the bug report section which makes more sense based on reading the first bit of the post.
    Really, idk
  • shatterjugs
    it went unreplied to in the other thread, which is why i posted it in here. it's also been unreplied to via e-mail from submitting reports on xbox1. i am at my wits end with this. it shouldn't have been moved to bugs, because i initially posted there, seeing as how that obviously would be the best spot to post it. but then i got to thinking they clearly don't care since it has garnered no other responses. so i posted it here. the fact it was moved aggravates the hell out of me. i just want this fixed.
  • idk
    If you post it in the wrong area Zos will move it as they see fit. The have sections in the forums for a reason. Your issue is clearly not a tech support issue so it makes sense they moved it. I would think you would want it in the correct area.

    Your threads were created in the heart of the Christmas holiday. Zos is likely monitoring for emergencies and the information provided in your other threads falls very short of something so critical that Zos needs to interrupt their holiday for.

    Even the moderators are working limited hours.

    Also, after the holidays are over, Zos will likely need to play catchup. So just chill out and wait.
    Really, idk
  • ZOS_BillE
    We are closing this thread as the title is not related to a support issue. As mentioned in the post above, some threads may get moved to the Bug Reports forum if there may be a possible glitch causing the issue you've run into.
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