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What makes you buy an item from luxary vendor?

  • Tigerseye
    The look, mainly.

    Problem is, I miss stuff, not realising I might need it in future.

    I don't really like the luxury vendor system, to be honest.

    I like buying things when I want to buy them, not when the game says I can.

    They should just have a big, luxury department store, instead. :smiley:
  • MLGProPlayer
  • Minyassa
    Need for houses, pretty much. There's been weeks when they didn't have anything that I would use in my houses (like the crafting signs) where I was a little relieved that I could save money that week. xD
  • Wildberryjack
    Both for my houses and to sell on the trader 3-6 months later for more than I bought them for. I've turned a pretty good profit off flipping the items.
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  • Dracan_Fontom
    "If I buy this, will it look good somewhere?"
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