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Tattletale GOAT gives bounty for murder

Soul Shriven
Not sure if this is expected but figured I'd throw a report out there.

The NPC - Sorhab near the Divad's Chagrin Mine Wayshrine in Alik'r Desert - his goat apparently takes offense to you killing his master. Killing Sorhab causes to the goat to flee and gives a bounty. I assume this is a feeble attempt to tell all his goat friends what you've just done.
  • lordrichter
    Did you submit a bug report. I am sure that if it has been happening for a while, it has been reported, but can't hurt.
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  • silvermistktralasub17_ESO
    It is a known fact that animals *do* report crimes (which makes things really fun when doing the jester's festival, as the guar in the stables will report you for steeling the apples). I believe that this is intended. (also, I've noticed that I can't steal from a thieves' trove when there's a mudcrab near it, so have to kill the mudcrab first...again, I believe it is working as intended).

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