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At what price does housing become too expensive for you?

  • TelvanniWizard
    0 - 10
    Bought Tel Galen with crowns from a sale, so payed 15 usd for it. Totally worth it, considering all the nice hours I´ve spent there, decorating and hanging out. But would never pay more than 10k crowns (only bought through sales, otherwise they are a rip off, as I see it) for a digital item.
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  • Zypheran
    20 - 50
    My issue is relativity!!
    If a Chapter costs €40 how could ZOS possibly justify charging over €100 for a notable home? It beggars belief, it is utterly unjustifiable and this level of greed will ultimately be the ruination of housing if not the game!
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  • Wreuntzylla
    It's an overly biased poll. Where is the 'I buy whatever I want but find the goose steps from egalitarianism morally repugnant in an environment that's supposed to be a release from the realities of life?'

    If I can't play with my friends because the game has become a reflection of reality, everyone loses.
  • BlackSparrow
    I have no limits, I will spend whatever I think is worth it for me
    ESO's my only real entertainment expense. I don't go to movies, or bars, or concerts, and I don't buy DVDs or expensive electronics. So, I pretty much buy whatever I want in ESO.

    Not saying you said this, OP, but I've always found it funny that people who spend $100 on a virtual house they can use for years are judged so harshly, but if you go spend $300 on concert tickets for a few hours of entertainment everyone just accepts it as a fun time.

    Entertainment is entertainment!

    Pretty much agree with all of this.

    I get a lot of use out of housing... it's a part of the game that I an lose entire weekends to. So for me, a certain amount of expense is worth it.

    And like bellatrixed, I don't really have other entertainment expenses, except maybe my monthly $12 to Netflix. Considering I spend at least a few hours a night in ESO, the cost-to-entertainement ratio of ESO is fantastic... much more than a movie or sports ticket. So yeah, I'm happy to make the occasional large purchase, since I know I'll get my money's worth out of it.

    Though I wouldn't necessarily say my spending is *limitless*... I do need to justify each purchase for myself, such as having an alt who would use a particular house or mount. It's why I recently splurged on the Clockwork City house when it was on sale, because one of my alts is a Dwemer-loving scholar... but even though I loved the werewolf cave I couldn't justify getting it, because my WW was at home in a different alliance than the Pact.
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  • dtsharples
    I saved up the Gold to buy Daggerfall Overlook, then after visiting a friends version of the home, quickly realised that it would cost a fortune to furnish.
    Being the severely impatient person I am, I ended up buying the home for £, and using the 3 Million I had saved up in game to furnish it 'properly'.

    Since then I haven't bought anything with real cash - But I do sub each month and tend to use the crowns I get to buy more furnishings for other houses.
    I have since acquired the Coldharbour estate, and Psijic Villa, which should be enough to keep me busy for a good few months. I doubt I would pay cash for another house, however impressive it was.
  • albesca
    0 - I would not spend any amount of money on this aspect of the game
    I don't spend crowns to buy homes. Firstly, because there are better things to spend my crowns on. Secondly, because I only buy unfurnished small or medium homes. I only use small and medium homes, and regard furnishing them as part of game play. Small and medium homes can be bought with gold, so why would I spend crowns on them.

    PC EU

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  • Grimm13
    0 - I would not spend any amount of money on this aspect of the game
    When it costs Crowns

  • Delsanab14_ESO
    Spending 3.75 mil for a house with no furniture with the Serenity Estate is where I looked at housing and said this is ridiculous.
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  • wolf486
    0 - 10
    I bought Mournoth Keep with crowns (from ESO+), otherwise all my other homes are from gold.

    I have been very tempted to buy crowns for the New Life furniture, or the place in Riften, but that would be around 11,000 crowns, or $130CDN. I cannot personally justify that.
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  • Jayne_Doe
    Zypheran wrote: »
    My issue is relativity!!
    If a Chapter costs €40 how could ZOS possibly justify charging over €100 for a notable home? It beggars belief, it is utterly unjustifiable and this level of greed will ultimately be the ruination of housing if not the game!

    I've seen this comment before, and while I don't disagree that some of the houses are quite expensive (and much more than I'm willing to spend), comparing fluff items to DLC is problematic. Housing is designed to generate revenue, like all the other fluff items in the Crown Store. This keeps the price of DLC where it is. I'm certain everyone would complain if the cost of DLC were higher to generate the revenue that a cheap crown store would necessitate.

    People also forget that the point of sale is when you buy crowns. The crowns you buy are to support the game. Then, those crowns are redeemed for in-game digital goods designed to enhance your play experience. But, I would agree that the redemption ratio is pretty high.

    I think most of the notable houses are too expensive, so I don't buy them. But, I did purchase Tel Galen at 10K furnished. I've also bought Amaya Lake Lodge and Alinor Town House furnished. All other houses were for gold, except the apartments, which I bought at 800 crowns each furnished - the price of less than 2 months ESO+. I've also purchased a few furnishing packs (Vivec, Dibella, Sotha Sil). But, I don't buy ala carte from the housing editor, so everything else in my houses has been either crafted by me or purchased from NPC vendors/guild traders.

    In a game without a required sub, the cash shop is going to be expensive. If we had a required sub, I think the CS would be more reasonable or possibly not even exist. But then, I think they'd have a lot less people playing.

    In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences and budgets.
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