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more clean slate "houses" please!

Cold harbour was a nice first try, Hunters is amazing, keep coming with more and more!!

personal notes and ideas:

not everyone who plays ESO does housing, same as not everyone does PVP. for the game and for the company; the players who do, spend crowns and a big chunk of gold on it. this makes it very interesting for the developers and also players who do not do housing. crowns is company income, gold keeps the game alive. if there is no gold sink, the games dies, very simple. players who only PvP say in general that they don't care about housing, that's fine, your game your choices. but a healthy mmo needs activity in every aspect. if we all go and stay in Cyro, the game is dead, period.

Why do I say that? well I would like to keep ZOS on focus and spend some time on housing. Yes yes you all want more slots and ZOS should get their act together and look beyond the specs of old Xboxes, why slow down a game because of 0.2% of the players?...….

ZOS does great with releasing very creative new houses, job well done. personally im not the type that wants a prefab house, you enter and "o here is the kitchen, should I place 3 or 4 chairs?".
I like the clean slate idea, be an architect, create something from the ground up! I would like to have a wild guess and say only 10% of players who do housing look for a clean slate house. One might say, not enough players who want that, we don't spend time on developing that.

I would like to counter that, ZOS is a company and should look at ROI (return on investment) that means; how much can they get back from the time it takes to develop? a new DLC is nice, a lot of players buy it, but takes thousands of hours to develop.

now here it comes! my personal vote is to create quite often a real clean slate house, something like an oval island with just sand and surrounded by an ocean. NOTHING on it, no grass, no house, no structures, no hills, no mountains, nothing. Close to everything (zos needs to add some, but that is a different discussion) is available to build what you want to create.

Why something so simple? ask any designer, that takes really 15 minutes to create and made ready to implement in the game. That means that something like 1 player on the server needs to buy it to get the money back they invested in making it...

enough bla bla, please do reply if you want more clean slate creativity and if you have more ideas to add

have a nice day all :)

  • MornaBaine
    I definitely want to see more "land only" player homes. I would LOVE a spooky forest from Nocturnal's realm such as the one we see via quests in Summerset. We DO need some open room to build on these plots of land and the TOOLS to do so however! Walls, doorways, roofs, more stairs, walls with window openings!
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  • immozz01

    mfg! tripple the amount of clean slates! getting too many ideas now!
  • Orange_Islands31
    A clean slate home is much more functional.
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  • Mix
    I would love a sandy island and a snowy vale as clean slates!
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  • Kilnerdyne
    Strongly agree, need more clean slate houses with 800-1000 slots + special/collectibles. The housing editor has great potential. With a few interactible furnishings & the ability to link furnishings together to allow animation it would open up alot of options for player created content beyond making a house.
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  • Aliyavana
    I want a clean slate house in the clockwork city's radius. its literally a realm for tinkerers and would make sense lore wise. the only house that fits the fabricant flora theme is the observatory, but that house doesn't really have space for a garden.
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  • immozz01
    Sharalei wrote: »
    I supprt this idea, particularly since most of my creations are clean slate! Even my Villa, I ignore the house and gardens, and built on the water.

    May I go one further. Currently in game, we can chose (with most houses) a Furnished, or Unfurnished version. So why not a "with house, or without house" version? That way, we chose land, or house and land.

    And I know which I'd pick, nearly every time! :)

    you can go as far as you want :)

    I just wonder how long it takes till ZOS reads it, people suggest many things to implement or change in the game. most of these suggestion cost a lot of time and ZOS will not get anything for it (it is a company after all, keep that in mind). what I suggested cost very little effort to make and will yield some profit for sure.

    That is why I suggest a very "empty" clean slate, therefor low purchase price like 1650 crowns. that might stimulate the players who state they will never get crowns/eso plus to get eso plus for 1 month and who knows after that (thinking company wise)

    check out the latest EHT progress, you will be stunned by what we can do now
  • EphemeraCrawford
    I think I'd like more "building pieces" to play with before I'd commit to a clean slate build. Some walls, floors and roof pieces from the many architecture styles in the game. I used to have a blast building in Conan Exiles: their building sets didn't have too many pieces but you could get amazing results.
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    Again chiming in how I would love some open fields we can build paddocks on for our mounts.
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  • MornaBaine
    Turelus wrote: »
    Again chiming in how I would love some open fields we can build paddocks on for our mounts.

    And have versions of our mounts WITHOUT their saddles and other tack on for housing placement!
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  • Tigerseye
    I would like this, but I just don't feel the building components are anywhere near good, or varied, enough yet.

    Then, of course, you have the ever present issue with furnishing slots...

    Really, you need a Sims type situation, where you can build walls and roofs, in any size, or shape and then cover them with whatever finish you prefer.

    Rather than purchasing/crafting individual, random, components and then trying to cobble together some kind of house.

    I am impressed with what some people have managed to do, given the extreme limitations, though.

    To be be honest, at this point, I would just be happy if you could do things like add windows to the front of the interior of the Alinor Townhouse (where there should be windows anyway!), or create a basement in houses where there is none, or add a staircase/ladder to a trapdoor to a flat roof (like the one at Hunding's).
    Edited by Tigerseye on December 15, 2018 12:52PM
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