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Fish Tank 1.2

What do you think of the Fish Tank I've built in Mathiisen Manor?

  • heaven13
    Really cool!
    Meet my characters:
    Sorcha Velane | Breton templar healer, Stormproof
    Camilla Caro | Imperial sorcerer tank
    Aindelwyn | Bosmer nightblade
    Bretilde the Unbroken | Nord dragonknight
    Adelaisa Loche | Imperial nightblade
    Alcaeus Thaevarian | Imperial templar tank
    Yrsa Flame-Kissed | Nord warden tank
    Nyseilvei | Altmer Maormer sorcerer
    Morrigan Le Guen | Breton warden healer
    Vycentia Incendus | Imperial dragonknight tank
  • Stratloc
    I came to this thread looking for a salmon in sword n board. But I guess this is cool too.
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