Pirate Skeleton monster set bug (years and counting)

  • Soris
    Cinbri wrote: »
    I doubt it possible to fix it without changing core visual effect. When you transform it like game loading new model of character so it force-disable you coz it need to load it and then continue char action. And when lags and fps drops hits - reciever end slower updating model and not start to act before complete - it cause disable to be longer than just second. This was happening in cyro for years when in large battle you changed weapon types thar have different models. Happened with outfits when they launched.
    Not to mention that due to proc condition it will proc in pve at moment of higher pressure and, as tanks who tried it in trials knows, resulting in instadeath.
    Exactly. It usually happens in laggy scenerios. It procs but the skeleton model delays behind the actual proc and you remain in human form for a couple of seconds. This causes the lock-out. If you lucky your weapons become hidden or you hold wrong weapon in wrong bar. It's just buggy from everywhere.
    Same thing happens if you wear skeleton polymorph too so you can't trick the game.
    I think there is no band-aid fix for this as proven for years. The transformation should be replaced with a visual effect.
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    Welkynd [Templar/AD/EU]
  • Amdar_Godkiller
    How does the minor defile scale with that set? I assume it factors in your own befouled CP to determine the amount, or is it just a flat 15%, or is it refactored when an enemy applies major defile? I've always wondered...
  • satanio
    Feature embraced... next one please.
  • Ragnarock41
    I kinda thought this was working as intended and the costume was the bug lol.

    I laugh, but I am serious

    I really thought this was a feature to sort of ''balance'' the set.
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