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Trials are not working and game is also not playable

Ps4 pro - factory setup, EU server.

You are aware of that ZOS, right?
VHOF 2nd boss > adds are not disappearing when they are dead and their shadow stands there, making it difficult for tank to see the mechanics, and for dds to target.
VMOL, 2nd boss > it is totally a new level of fun without having colors at twins. You should give it a try. What is worse is adds are teleporting from one place to another and cant be targeted or interrupted.
VHR 2nd boss/right side> invisible aoe s or "I am out of that aoe " deaths.
VETAA> first portal on the right side after the first boss. no matter what you do, there is always at least 1 death as soon as you portal. Graphics crashes at last boss.
VAS> boss and mini bosses teleports from one place to another or moves strangely and cant be targeted properly or at all
was not in VCR but i believe there is definitely something wrong there, since there is only one (1) leader board score at vcr since 10 days and it was nil (0) until yesterday.

other than that

Random graphics/visual failures at trials which are quiet strange and prevents you to play.
Partial visual distortions on the screen even while looking to map, or on one of your skills at your skill bar
Strange colors and visuals at the complete screen visual.
Strange affects appearing on screen, like slowly disappearing traces behind your team mates chars leaving white fading lines on their movement paths.
Rarely, when you are trying to lock on a point on your map, the cursor continuously slides and does not snap to the point on map.

Most of these have already been mentioned in the other forum discussions. Nothing was fixed during the last maintenance after murkmire release. Hope you fix them soon.
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