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[Spoilers] Possible clue to next year's chapter??

  • MLGProPlayer
    He's just saying he wants to get as far away as possible from Murkmire and the Blackguard. I highly doubt it's a hint at the next chapter as the hints have always occurred at the end of chapters/DLC.

    - Morrowind and CWC were revealed by the Prophet after you completed the Orsinium story. The book hinting at Meridia's involvement in the upcoming story is found during the last phase of the Orsinium story.

    - CWC was revealed at the end of Morrowind with the final quest actually taking you there.

    - Summerset was revealed by the Prognosticator after you completed the CWC story.

    - More hints at Meridia's involvement in the story are also revealed after completing the Summerset story.

    There were never any hints during prologue quests as it would be extremely anticlimactic.
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  • ManwithBeard9
    Next chapter? Doubt it. But just because someone wrote something in a book, doesn't make it true.
  • mb10
    Elsewyr crowns crates were datamined

    My guess is it's there

  • luen79rwb17_ESO
    There's too much redguard for a murkmire teaser. I do agree it all might be a reference to something else!!!

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  • BigBadVolk
    There's too much redguard for a murkmire teaser. I do agree it all might be a reference to something else!!!

    plus like every year before the Chapter we get offrace costumes (argonian before Morrowind, Khajiit before Summerset, and now orc even though there was some Skyrim costumes too)
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  • OrdoHermetica
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    yokuda was sank tho

    Not all of it... just most of it. There are still a handful of Yokudan islands left. Could be a neat archipelago setup.

  • OrdoHermetica
    Cmon guys, Elsweyr? We have HALF a zone and a small island. This one wants to visit rimmen and senchal. most of a zone and an island, really. Probably 4/5 of a zone. Valenwood really only covers the far west-southwest of Reaper's March. But yeah - I'd REALLY like to see more of Elsweyr.
  • Finedaible
    I think Pyandonea and the Coral Kingdom of Thras lay to the West (ish) of Summerset. Those would be a weird place for him to run to though since they don't seem friendly at all so far (Sea Elves and Sload).
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