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I will never let a character hit level 50

  • Jaimeh
    bethsheba wrote: »
    Just a random rant/statement. There is so much lore, so many quests and so much to do in a continually growing game here. I actually feel bad for you cp players. I see you run in, talk to an npc for a half a second, kill everything with a wave of one hand, then run off. How are you not completely bored by this game at this point? Is it actually fun to do the same trial, arena, dungeon for the 1000th time? Don't get me started on the 1T debacle, I know it won't ever get rolled back or changed and even with a level 10 character I find the fights as I go through questing content to be too easy, and that is without any cp on any character, it's just a vanilla character. I stay for the lore, the mystery, the storylines, the interesting populace, and even though I have been here for years, I still haven't even done any of the the dlc content, so I know I have so much yet to explore.
    But, yeah, if hitting cp levels means this type of content becomes even less of a challenge than it already is, sorry Beth's characters, I will kill you off before you reach 50.

    It depends on what an individual enjoys... some don't like the immersive aspect of questing--I know people who've admitted to having skipped all the dialoque throughout xD I personally think it's worth it to properly go through everything at least once, but if someone enjoys other aspects of the game more, and wants to go though questing quickly in order to get to them, then I understand that too. It's a multi-faceted and beautiful game, in more ways than one, there is no such thing as 'my activities are more enjoyable'. As content being less of a challenge at CP... if you ever hit CP and use the group finder, you'll be surprised.

    PC/NA CP810

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    AD Niobeh - Dunmer Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Black Market Mogul ǀ Master Thief ǀ Silencer (but we don’t talk about that) ǀ Spirit Slayer
    AD Ashayam - Khajiit Sorcerer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    DC Sydhe Narjes - Redguard Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Eva Saint Claire - Breton Warden - Healer ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    EP Rruns-With-Scissors ­- Argonian Dragoknight - Tank ǀ He’s a good boy, OK Bront?
    EP Moiranni Deyr - Dunmer Dragonknight - Healer ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    DC Anur Imagua - Redguard Templar - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    AD Azoke Sen - Imperial Sorcerer - Tank ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    DC Sàverin - Orc Warden - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    DC Zuwane Okoye - Redguard Dragonknight - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    DC Telella - Dunmer Nightblade - DD ǀ The more the merrier ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    DC Mal the Ghost Whisperer - Orc Necromancer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    DC Riad Phoenix-Song - Breton Necromancer - Healer ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer

    PC/EU CP810

    AD Ariadne Teledine - Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    EP Máyim - Dunmer Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    DC Surjan - Orc Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Spirit Slayer
    DC Maven Asari - Orc Necromancer - DD
    DC Aliya Voltaris - Orc Sorcerer - DD
    DC Mesríne - Orc Warden - DD
    EP Speaks-In-Riddles - Argonian Dragonknight - Tank
    DC Abelia Cassine - Breton Templar - Healer
    DC Kirin Swiftblade - Khajiit Nightblade - DD

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    It's not zerging if we are all solo and just happen to go to the same place independently xD
  • Danikat
    One thing I've been thinking about recently for a different kind of challenge on a character who is repeating content I've done before is disabling the quest markers and turning off the mini map addon I use.

    Maybe that wouldn't be an issue for most people, but I have a very poor sense of direction and it's even worse in games, I can easily complete a quest, intend to go back where I came from and set off in entirely the wrong direction. So I think for me it would both add a new kind of challenge (which might be ok when I'm repeating stuff I have done before, because my memory is pretty good) and give me an opportunity to explore the map in a slightly different way - by getting lost and reorienting myself instead of just letting myself get distracted by anything which seems interesting.
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  • oxygen_thief
    bethsheba wrote: »
    I actually feel bad for you cp players.

    storylines are awful any single player game is better than eso. i did cadwell's silver a year ago it was incredibly boring. no more quest since that time
  • Zelos
    bethsheba wrote: »
    Just a random rant/statement. There is so much lore, so many quests and so much to do in a continually growing game here. I actually feel bad for you cp players. I see you run in, talk to an npc for a half a second, kill everything with a wave of one hand, then run off. How are you not completely bored by this game at this point? Is it actually fun to do the same trial, arena, dungeon for the 1000th time? Don't get me started on the 1T debacle, I know it won't ever get rolled back or changed and even with a level 10 character I find the fights as I go through questing content to be too easy, and that is without any cp on any character, it's just a vanilla character. I stay for the lore, the mystery, the storylines, the interesting populace, and even though I have been here for years, I still haven't even done any of the the dlc content, so I know I have so much yet to explore.
    But, yeah, if hitting cp levels means this type of content becomes even less of a challenge than it already is, sorry Beth's characters, I will kill you off before you reach 50.

    Well tell me this when you have done everything in the game as I've been here since beta, pretty much maxed achievement points. Tell me what is left to do run the same quests over again? Many players want to progress without dumb easy content, no one likes the cp system and no one wants to kill shiit in a instant but zos doesnt care about that, as long as you think the game is great and buy crown crates they could care less.
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  • Galarthor
    To each their own.

    If you are looking for a challenge in this game, be it in PvP or PvE, then rushing through the quest so you can get to that challenge beats listening to what every NPC has to say.
  • FrancisCrawford
    Everstorm wrote: »
    At 860 ish but I still read the lore and the dialogues, at least the first time through. Did Murkmire in stealth setup (bosmer stamblade) to keep it a tad interesting. Cept for the two worldbosses.
    I really enjoyed this DLC.

    Bosmer or Khajit (I too use Bosmer) stamblade thief is now clearly my favorite way to quest. I avoid annoying trash fights. Boss fights are still easy at max CP, but I certainly don't mind having the character be a little weaker than other specs. And I'm on the PC, so if I want to switch to a full combat load-out for, as you suggest, a world boss, then there's an add-on for that.
  • DanteYoda
    CP should have stopped at 160 and the content should have scaled off that.
  • Sylvermynx
    OP - there's another way to handle this.

    Make your characters one for each alliance, plus one (or more) for "miscellaneous" questing. Do the entire faction questlines only on the appropriate toons, with the miscellaneous characters filling in with Undaunted, Fighters, Mages guilds. That way you stretch the content, so you don't get pushed up on CP before you've made your peace with it.
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    max_only wrote: »
    Who is At’avar?

    @max_only NPC who appears in one of the Group Dungeons as part of that dingeon's quest; Spindelclutch IIRC.
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    A useful explanation for how RNG works
  • Tasear
    Personally it's hard for to read npc dialogue because it's on the right. My mind wants to read it while my ears listen and I get frustrated.

    It's sad because I own hundreds of books and read more pages then places then I will see in a lifetime, but I can't enjoy ESO stories most of the time. :'(
  • Kalik_Gold
    I only quest on 1 guy. I don't rush it either... but I couldn't do this on 8 characters.
    _____________________________PvP DC__________________________________
    Ras Kalik | Redguard - Templar
    Aurik Siet'ka | Redguard - Necromancer
    Cacique the Sage of Ius | Redguard - Warden
    Jux Blackheart | Redguard - Nightblade, Lycan
    Goliath of Hammerfell | Redguard - Dragonknight
    Tsar at-Bomba* | Redguard - Nightblade, Vampire
    Kaotik Von Dae'mon | Redguard, Breton - Sorcerer <Heal>
    Movárth Piquine | Nord - Necromancer, Vampire <Tank>
    Uri Ice-Heart the Twin | Nord - Warden <Tank>
    Cinan Tharn | Imperial - Dragonknight <Tank>
    Bates Vesuius of Dawnstar | Imperial - Dragonknight
    Tyrus Septim | Imperial - Sorcerer
    Herzog Zwei the Genesis | Breton - Templar <Heal>
    Ras Kalik the Vestige, a renown Redguard warrior; He has been blessed to save Tamriel from Molag Bal’s destructive Planemeld while reuniting the Five Companions. His further accomplishments after defeating Molag Bal, has been to stop the destruction of Morrowind, the Clockwork City, return order to the isle of Summerset and create a new king in Wrothgar and a queen in Elsywer. These events have made him a living legend and continue to lead him into new adventures throughout Tamriel, as well as into the hearts of many ladies including the Elf Queen, Aryenn. (not only Sai Sahan has a secret snowflake!) Over many years of adventurous travels, Ras Kalik had become a loner, until he re-visited his homeland of Alik'r.

    Alik'r and it's cities were overrun by the undead Ra-Netu and therefore he made an allegiance with Alik'r's own Ash'abah tribe. These Ash'abah with his help, cleansed the city of Sentinel in Alik'r desert and it's surrounding areas of the undead brought to life by the Withered Hand. After rescuing Sentinel from undead, King Fahara’jad’s personal bodyguard the Goliath of Hammerfell, who was given this name by Imperials in the region; asked to assist the tribe after learning of the defeat of the Withered Hand to the Ash'abah. Kalik promised Goliath he would task him with fighting enemies on the battlefield if he so desired. Goliath being a Yokudan warrior wields a massive sword in respect to the Ansei, Chrysamere, a gift given by the Imperial, Cinan Tharn. Not many soldiers are able to wield double two handed weapons, but Goliath loves to get up and personal in a fight, so he also carries a giant battle-axe.

    Jux Blackheart is a master thief that was frequenting the Sisters of the Sands inn for pilfering during this time. Jux was known to infiltrate any bank vault he came across and even delved into Ayelid ruins without detection. Kalik can vividly recall the night he met the famed thief. Jux found himself rummaging thru a slightly inebriated Kalik’s pocket for too long, on a full-mooned night and because of this and the glimmer of his golden armor in the moonlight and his greed. He lost his left pinky fingertip as a lesson! But in return, he gained a new friend, as it was his first time since a child being caught red-handed...

    Kaotik Von’Daemon an outcast, and a half-caste between a Breton mother and a Redguard father. Kaotik become a pariah due to his conjuration of Daedra pets. He was taught healing magic during his childhood years by his Breton mother. His father due to Redguard customs exiled him from the desert, sending him by wagon caravan to be a soldier in the war in Cyrodiil. He happened to meet Kalik while traveling from Alik'r, during this long caravan ride the caravan he was in was ambushed in Bangkorai by a group of bandits. Kalik by chance was also traveling thru this area on his Auridon Warhorse (which was bestowed to him by his friend, Darien Gautier). During this ambush, Kalik was able to rescue five hostages from the bandits. Kaotik was the first rescued, and Ras Kalik also recruited him to be in the Ash'abah tribe. These core Ash'abah tribesmen may never be seen together in travel as they partake in their own adventures but they always know what each other is doing; as they frequent a hideout in northern Bankorai. Their hideout an old Orc castle ruin, is kept watch by Nuzhimeh and she passes messages written between them, and frequently they also enjoy her company and her bed.

    The other men rescued were a Dunmer banker, an Akaviri monk and two Imperial soldiers. One of the Imperials claimed to be related to Abnur Tharn the Battlemage of the Imperial Elder Council (Ras Kalik's mentor in the Five Companions). Cinan Tharn is really Abnur's drunkard treasure hunting illegitimate son, that was caught smuggling artifacts out of the Ayleid ruins in Cyrodiil and the elder of the two Imperials was Tyrus Septim a retired battle-mage soldier (now mercenary living in Hew's Bane) and guard to the Tharn family. As much as Abnur Tharn hated his half-sister Euraxia, he dislikes his bas†ard son more. Tyrus now a ruffian and privateer had been paid by Abnur Tharn to watch over Cinan as much as possible. Cinan Tharn a drunkard, loves to drink a quarter barrel of Nord mead before he raids various delves and dungeons for relics to sell on the black market. Tharn also plans to one day run an illegal gambling ring... which he thinks will net him more gold for his wares.

    The Dunmer captive shackled to the Imperials looked familiar to Kalik from his time in Morrowind.... and he recognized him as Tythis Andromo a House Telvanni slave-owner and banker from Vvardenfell. During a rough interrogation to Tythis, Ras Kalik learnt why the bandits accosted him. The racist Dunmer was providing slaves as soldiers for the Three Banner War. The bandits were trying to negotiate a lucrative ransom for Andromo and the Imperials.... Kalik did not need any of this gold and he could never set Tythis free as he did with the two Imperial soldiers. His past involvement with slavery and war crimes, made Kalik's blood boil. He chose not to execute Tythis, as he figured the worse punishment for this former rich and opulent slave owner, is to now be an imprisoned servant for Ras Kalik and the tribe.

    Herzog Zwei the Genesis a Breton (Akaviri mother / Breton father) and also a prominent monk from Hakoshae (The Akaviri eventually left their adopted home of Cyrodiil and moved to the Rim territories of Elsweyr, including the city of Rimmen after being made scapegoats for the Potentates. Those who didn't survive the flight from Cyrodiil were buried in the Tomb of the Serpents while many others went and founded the town of Hakoshae). Herzog was seeking to purchase an artifact from Cinan Tharn, before their capture. This artifact being the Ayelid artifact; the sword Sinweaver. After their rescue and the exchange of gold to Cinan for the sword he decided to slip away before Ras Kalik could question who he was, and why the Tsaesci descendant wanted that sword. Herzog was headed to Nagastani — An Ayleid ruin in eastern Cyrodiil. He had read in scrolls that the Sword would give him magical powers to meet his forefathers spirits, if he performed an Ayleid ritual at an old shrine hidden there. Equipped with the artifact sword, he was off to start his own adventure. Ras Kalik did indeed notice the sword however, and instead sent a letter to Jux Blackheart (whom also was interested in Ayleid treasures), to attempt to find Herzog and acquire the sword. (*Azani Blackheart in Elder Scroll's Oblivion is Jux's descendant some 747 years later)

    And so the Redguard, Imperial and Breton men have parted ways for now... While Ras Kalik is off to Elsweyr to encounter the latest threat to Tamriel, with Abnur Tharn and Sai Sahan - - DRAGONS!! Little does Kalik know a few people are awaiting him in Senchal besides Sai. A necromancer survived his attack on the Withered Hand, while in Alik'r. The one known as Auriek Siet'ka is also following him to the land of the Khajiits and Cacique the Sage of Ius a Shaman mystic who has become attuned spiritually with Tu'whacca (a Redguard God) and Ius (the Animal God), after being burned severely by the escaped dragons, is awaiting his arrival also.

    The journey to Senchal will also put him on a path to meet a strange man which was infected with an untreated Peyrite disease and also was the exiled from the Order of the New Moon cult, due to his sickness. He originally joined the cult to worship Laatvulon, the green dragon, mistakenly thinking it was the Daedric prince Peyrite. This confused and suffering cultist is known as Tsar al-Bomba and he is on a path to spread the disease. He was originally infected in Orccrest while recruiting members there. Can Ras Kalik and the shaman Cacique cure this poor soul, only time will tell. Little does Tsar al-Bomba know, the infection is tied to Vampirism, but eventually the desire for blood, will take over his mind.

    Movárth Piquine - a former vampire hunter (now infected) within the Fighter's Guild (and a secretive necromancer) was in Skyrim working with the Morthaal Guard. On a patrol mission he was caught in the Frewien's ice curse outside of Morthaal with the frozen undead. Movárth's vampiric infection kept him from becoming an undead minion to the curse. He was able to use necromantic ice-magic to encase himself safely until he was freed with Freiwen, when the Vestige Ras Kalik broke the curse.

    Bates Vesuius of Dawnstar - grandfather of Silus Vesuius. His love of fire will eventually lead him to become a follower of Mehrunes Dagon (the daedric prince of Destruction). Mehrune Dagon delights in creating chaos, ostensibly for the sake of change, throughout Tamriel through the work of mortal agents he selects. He often destroys these agents once they are no longer useful.... Bates Vesuius will be the first in his family to go down this dark path, but not the last.

    Uri Ice-Heart - twin of Urfon Ice-Heart. Twin sons of Atli and Oljourn Ice-Heart that are originally from Markarth but are now residing on the Jerall Mountain range near Cyrodiil, their younger sister Araki has also relocated but she is in Windhelm currently. The twins joined the Winterborn Reachmen while living in Markarth. Urfon pushed west to Orsinium with the Winterborn Clan, leaving his family behind. Uri stayed behind with his parents and sister to live in the family cabin for safety, to avoid the Vampire plague infiltrating the Reach. After news reaches him and he hears of Urfon's death... Uri leaves and heads home to the Reach and is seeking vengeance. Meanwhile, his sister has moved on to Windhelm to join the Fighter's guild. He will visit his sister, once before going to seek vengeance and she will craft him armor mixed with ice, called Stalhrim armor.

    * Token needed - name change
    ■ Token needed - alliance change

    Available slots:
    1. Nightblade
    2. Templar
    3. Sorcerer
    4. Warden
    5. Necromancer
    PS4/NA | Champion 1070+ | ESO+ Cancelled | † The Vestige, Hallowed, Ahkahtuz
  • GreenhaloX
    I have leveled over 20 toons, oh sorry I meant characters, far beyond maxed CP and still leveling. B) It's like they are in a different galaxy. How bout them apples? Ha ha.
  • idk
    After twice I do not feel a need to read and hear the dialogue a third time except for more interesting quests. I feel sorry for the person who does not branch out and experience more of the game.

    The post someone reminds me of the guild leader in the first ESO guild I was in. He claimed he planned to play ESO for 10 years and as such was in no hurry to hit the level cap.

    A year later he was even close to the original level cap let alone the level cap at the time. Mostly because he did not do much questing each night.

    4 years out he has long since quit the game and his guild folded. My guess is he got bored since he did not get into the active group content in the game. Most of the active players became active in other guilds that actually did stuff.

    This does not mean I think OP is like this.
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  • JumpmanLane
    Op you’ll rush through the game too once you hit cp 160 and you’re only doing the dungeon because you’re farming something. Then, you’ll be grateful you can kill NPcs with the wave of your hand.

    Level 50 is nothing but a grind to cp 160 so you don’t have to update gear. You’ll see. Just keep playing.
  • Kikke
    990 cp, first char was pretty much capped once I hit vr16 back in the days. Fighters, mages, good way on undaunted, finnished all AD, EP and half ish of DC and gotten pretty far in the alliance war.

    After finnishing all quests base game I moved to dungeons, after that vet dungeons. While maintaining PvP.

    Once I had completed every dungeon achivements I made my first trial guild. Found people that wanted to start on trials without carries, all was new to trials. Awesome times.

    4 years into the game, all trials done on hardmode, all dungeon achivs done, all quests done. All guilds maxed. All skill points in the game. But I still play and have fun, why? I play with friends I have met through the game.

    But yes, when I make a new character its all about getting him up so I can resume playing with my friends.
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    -Someone said it, I guess.
  • Davor
    bethsheba wrote: »
    Just a random rant/statement. There is so much lore, so many quests and so much to do in a continually growing game here. I actually feel bad for you cp players. I see you run in, talk to an npc for a half a second, kill everything with a wave of one hand, then run off. How are you not completely bored by this game at this point? Is it actually fun to do the same trial, arena, dungeon for the 1000th time?

    Uhm everyone plays a game for different reasons. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's wrong. The same can be said for you as well. How can you for the 1000th time speak to the same NPC? What makes you any more correct in that way then?
    Don't get me started on the 1T debacle, I know it won't ever get rolled back or changed and even with a level 10 character I find the fights as I go through questing content to be too easy, and that is without any cp on any character, it's just a vanilla character.

    What makes you correct here? I agree that at level 10 the fights can be easy BUT you are so WRONG. Why? Anything under level 50 I have an easy time playing. I have on character that is level 50 CP 160+. The game is so HARD for me now. So I can say you are so wrong here. Game is harder once you hit level 50. So if you want something harder you want to be over level 50 other wise you are playing on easy mode. So why are you playing under level 50 then? I just don't understand what your point is here. You want harder play but yet you play on easy mode.
    I stay for the lore, the mystery, the storylines, the interesting populace, and even though I have been here for years, I still haven't even done any of the the dlc content, so I know I have so much yet to explore.
    But, yeah, if hitting cp levels means this type of content becomes even less of a challenge than it already is, sorry Beth's characters, I will kill you off before you reach 50.

    I stay for the lore and mystery as well. Just like you. Thing is I need to play on easy mode, under level 50 so I haven't really touched my CP160+ character because the game is so hard.

    So please explain why you are saying some people are wrong for playing the game on a harder mode? What makes you correct for playing on easy mode YET you say the game is too easy?

    I just don't understand.
    Not my quote but I love this saying

    "I would pay It for support. But since they choosed we are just numbers and not customers, i dont mind if game and zos goes to oblivion"
  • Shawn_PT
    There is so much truth to this post. I have focused less on questing and more on dailies and dungeons and suddenly find myself at 1100+ CP. When I decide to do a little quest hub, because Cadwel's Silver won't run itself, my general reaction is 'that's it?' Talk to NPC, kill 3 mobs, interact with objective, go back to NPC. Quest done in 2 minutes, and that's while not skipping dialogue. In fact the only dialogue I skip is for the dailies. I can listen to regular quest NPCs 8 times, that's how many chars I have. Yes even those from the Murkmire intro quest.

    So the last couple of days and since the whole Nerfmire affair sucked some joy off the game, I decided to go full immersion mode. No chat. Game music and sound on. No sprinting. In fact, no running. At all. Even on horseback, always walk mode. Several people must have found me crazy, RP walking through the hag fens on my own.

    But you know what? I found something I thought ESO did not have, or had long forgotten about its existence. An immersive and mesmerizing world. To look at the sun rays sifting through the fog and the mossy trees. To walk by a travelling merchant and hear what their comments on the road are. To follow the pathways at an NPC's request and deliver a message to the next town. Listen to the sound of my horse's hooves on the different types of surfaced. See the birds fly away as I approach. The critters running by. The rivers flowing. The way the shadows change as the hours go by. I'd find myself just staring at the scenery in awe, and felt empathy for even those nameless NPCs whose only purpose is to make a place look lived in.

    Granted I can still pretty much one shot every mob. Faolchu sounded like a horrid beast and when I faced him, he dropped in five seconds. But that's fine. We're supposed ro be heroes after all. And above all I found a joy in ESO I would truly never fathom.

    All this just by going slower.
    I have done the main quest 15 times. I am going to rush what I feel like because I have missed nothing. I've done it before. Whats the problem?
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  • Dojohoda
    <Remain silent>

    Fan of playing magblade since 2015. (PC NA)
    Might be joking in comments.
  • zaria
    SydneyGrey wrote: »
    You can hit level 50 and still not rush the game. There's literally no reason to rush at all, at any time, no matter what your level. Not sure why you think the game will change for the worst once you hit 50.
    The game changes for the better, actually, because after level 160, you can start collecting complete armor sets without worrying that you'll out-level them. The game is more fun after CP160.
    Agree, you will also reach 50 well before you are done with your faction quest line if you do all the quest in zones.
    160 long before you are done with silver and gold, then its the dlc :)

    In short the game don't change after 50 or cp160, benefit of 160 is that you can keep the gear and its easier to make gold.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • JamieAubrey
    Because once you do the quests on 2 characters at most it gets annoying, thats why I'll rush through the quests, unless its a new DLC then I'll take my time but if I do it on any other character I will skip it all as I already know the story
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  • GreenHere
    Lots of long answers here I'm too lazy to read at the moment, but in case no one else has submitted this to you, @bethsheba:

    You can achieve the same effect by selectively tuning your character's strengths at any level, you know. In fact, because of the scaling mechanism (which I won't pretend to have a comprehensive understanding of), I'd wager I can make my CP 810+ character weaker than your level <50 character if I wanted to. That below level 50 scaling is likely skewing your view of power in the game.

    If I equip a level 10 weapon, as a max CP player, I might as well be swinging wet noodles and shouting hurtful comments at bad guys. It'll take me literal minutes to kill bandits. Same for armor; I can make myself into a flimsy piñata quite easily with about 15 seconds of gear swapping. On the flip side, I can also turn into one of those overpowered demi-gods you see blowing through content like it's nothing. Or anywhere in between, as I see fit. Just takes some easy adjustments.

    More importantly, I can scale my capabilities up or down as I choose at any given time. I get what you're saying about being overpowered killing the fun in the game for you; but your solution is entirely unnecessary and counterproductive in my view. You don't need to avoid leveling up to stay where you're comfortable on the power scale. You're at the right power level for a great portion of the game's content, sure --- but you're locking yourself away from another large portion of the game too. Why not be capable of all that you enjoy in the game, and scale up or down as your enjoyment calls for in a given situation?

    PC/NA :: ESO+ ....... If you for some reason care to know my character setup (as of early 2021), here ya go:
    [EP] :: Imperial Dragonknight - Retired Cyrodiil Soldier, Master Crafter & Fisherman
    [EP] :: Argonian Dragonknight - Fire-breathing Dragon Tank
    [EP] :: Dunmer Dragonknight - Flame Dancer, Battlemage
    [EP] :: Dunmer Nightblade - Former Vampire, Dark Healer/Tank
    [EP] :: Dunmer Nightblade - Vampire, Assassin
    [EP] :: Argonian Warden - Hist Mender, Lore Seeker
    [AD] :: Imperial Templar - Group Leader, Healing Tank
    [AD] :: Altmer Templar - Florist, Golden Light Apprentice
    [AD] :: Altmer Sorcerer - Lightning Mage, Hates Twilights
    [AD] :: Altmer Sorcerer - Factotum Tank, Dark Magic Dabbler
    [AD] :: Bosmer Warden - Stamina Healer (yes, really!), Acrobat
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    [DC] :: Redguard Templar - Warrior, Adventurer, Undaunted
    [DC] :: Stam Sorc - Storm Orc!, Werewolf Berserker
    [DC] :: Khajiit Nightblade - StamBlade, Merciless Mercenary
    [DC] :: Argonian Necromancer - Unscrupulous Power-Seeking Lunatic
  • TheCyberDruid
    Yep, it's the CP not that they play an alt or their choice. Nope once you hit CP you'll automatically skip all dialog and rush through all content. *sigh*
  • HappyLittleTree
    I have several lvl 50 chars, I did every quest in the game on my main. that is slowly listening to the storyline (and there is some pretty great writing i must say!) i understand you beeing confused by why some rush but i for one rush because i know every quest by now and if i lvl a toon i don't have to listen to it again.

    if a new dlc comes out i play on my main taking my time. Playing for the story and then for the rewards.
    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • nryerson1025
    OP is concerned with experienced all content and maintaining its challenge which i somewhat agree with, yet OP says he will never experience end-game content and that challenge? i dont understand

  • Runs
    I took my time with my first few characters... the rest of the 15 I just want to clear content so I can have my pretty all white maps. I have alt accounts and EU server when/if I want that new feel.
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  • CompM4s
    I read story lines on my pve character. My pvp chars only do questlines need for skill lines or points. The only complaint is how easy the story lines are, great stories just easy. I also wont handicap my character because I do enjoy endgame content as well.
  • Abigail
    Different strokes is all. People ought to play and experience the game as they want. The person never wanting to reach 50 should be tolerant of those wanting to rush the content, and vice versa.

    Me; it's mood based. Some days I want to savor everything, other days I just want to plow through quests. I do a lot of dolmens because I enjoy listening to audio books and dolmens are a good way to stay in the game with minimal focus.

    The other day I mentioned that I had five Pet Sorcs and someone decided to ding me for it. I like them, I'm well used to them at this point, and despite each being subtly different because of race, equipment, CPs, and pet types, I feel like I'm to a point where I can play them advantageously in all content. But that's my business, and someone commenting that I'm not playing the game correctly is irrelevant ... to my goals and circumstances.

    We all come to ESO with vastly different life and game-playing experience; moreover, each of us is laboring under some time constraints; and then there's that little matter of our individual playing ability. All different. The very notion of everyone playing the same way, headed to precisely the same goals seems preposterous, at least to me. Thankfully, we have a game that provides for broad player choices.
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    Clarissa Qwill (160) -- Altmer. Pet Sorcerer.
    Alyndra Shalee (160) -- Altmer. Pet Sorcerer.
    Mallea Maleficarum (160) -- Bosmer. Stamden.
    Maggee Dundee (160) -- Breton. MagBlade.
    G'yadda Bokka (160) -- Bosmer-Werewolf. StamBlade.
    Nethanie Qyan (160) -- Dunmer-Vampire MagBlade
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