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Anguish is still OP

Removing the stacking element of this set was essential but it's still OP.

Not against healers but in DPS vs DPS fights as it still completely negates the self-healing that most classes are able to do and means that if a high-burst build is using this vs a slightly more sustain-orientated one, the sustain build has ZERO chance to win that fight (assuming equal skill ofc). Stamblades in particular (given they sustain more through evasion than healing) are going to be horribly obnoxious using this set whereas Stamdens are extremely vulnerable to it.

The set is just a bad idea and needs a complete rework. Reduce the healing that the caster can do others perhaps? Would mean you could effectively take a healer out of the equation by pressuring them with 1 person using this set whilst your buddies focus down their team.
  • Strider__Roshin
    I'd rather have a stam version of the strategist honestly.
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