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[Bug] Housing Editor

@ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_ChipHilseberg

[ Issue ]

Parent item can sometimes be picked up and placing down with the child items ending in "out-of-sync" positions.

[ Steps to Reproduce ]
  1. Link multiple child items to a parent item.
  2. While in Housing Editor selection mode, jerk the mouse while picking up the parent item.
  3. The parent item will sometimes have moved slightly before the child items begin to follow.
  4. Place the parent item.
  5. You will see that the overall shape has become distorted; repeating this process will further exaggerate the distortion.

For what it's worth, I initially had the same problem when writing the Essential Housing Tools add-on's drag-and-drop feature as well:

I think the Editor may be moving the child items relative to where the parent item's position is at the moment the Editor Mode finishes changing to Placement mode; to resolve this, the child items would need to begin moving relative to the parent item's position from before the user ever clicked on the parent item.

I resolved this by maintaining a cache of all of the items' positions and orientations so I could refer to this cache to get the actual position of the parent item (the item being dragged by the user) rather than relying on the HousingEditorGetFurnitureWorldPosition(...) return values after the Mode change had already taken place.

I hope that makes sense / helps! Also, I would love to join your team. I plan to apply for a dev position soon, so hopefully I will get a chance to talk to you... :-P
  • Mystrius_Archaion
    Damn! This is one of those times the developers really need to at least ask a player(you) directly to consult and pretty much lay out the plan for them to fix the issue because it seems so obvious the way you put it.

    This reminds me of the time I played Champions Online and got the "infinite rubber-banding lag" because the server would "rubber-band" me back to a previous position then receive my new position that was forward after and then re-receive my rubber-banded position and again and again, pinging me back and forth faster and faster until the game crashed after a minute; I would then login and if I did so too quickly it would still be continuing and kick me back out, all because the server and client were "co-masters" and one didn't just take precedence in recursive loops, if nowhere else.

    Sometimes it's just that easy for the right mind to figure out when they think logically about the details involved.
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Hey @R_K, is it possible you could make a video showing this bug in action?
    Gina Bruno
    ESO Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • R_K
    Hey @R_K, is it possible you could make a video showing this bug in action?

    @ZOS_GinaBruno For sure! I will make one and upload it now. Just gimme a few minutes. :smile:
  • R_K
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Here's a quick video illustrating the steps to reproduce the issue. Rather than manually lay out 80 items in a perfect grid shape and link each one, I used my add-on to build the shape and the Housing Editor's new API to do the item linking; but, this problem happens regardless of the tool used to lay out the items or to link them.

    Let me know if I can help any further.
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