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Which is worse

Cast time or shields capped at 40% of your health

Which is worse 35 votes

Cast time
Gilvothjluchaufalcasternub18_ESOStrider__RoshinMetafaeNyladreasLakefred4Arthalion1CritsTheBedElwendryllMrGravesFroilCharliff1966FoolishOptimistPrinsethTruthFire_Ahala_philfal1234MashmalloMan 24 votes
FloppyTouchccfeelingPhoenixGreyTiZzA93 4 votes
Honestly dont know
GythralIlluvatarrForsakenSinCrafts_Many_BoxesSercisilezio45Darkenarlol 7 votes
  • kendellking_chaosb14_ESO
    40% cap where does it say that?
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  • PhoenixGrey
    ezio45 wrote: »
    Cast time or shields capped at 40% of your health

    Garbage change again. Now you die after casting a shield as well in PVP.

    2 semi decent opponents beating on you and you die instantly. Given that sorc won't be dodge rolling or streaking (no sustain )at all wearing 7 impen !!

    What amazes me is the actual problem with shields are completely neglected in this fiasco and its the fact that they don't scale well at all. Medium armor has roll dodge and heavy stam has sets like fury.

    What about magika sorcs and other shield dependent magika specs ?

    DC Sorc: Fading Phoenix
    AD Warden: Grey Phoenix
  • Darkenarlol
    Honestly dont know
    cry more, you got what you wanted, skillless shield stacking continues.

    vigor rolls demands much moar skill in facerolling on keyboard - totally agree

    as for changes - both of them gonna affect shield users in a bad way

    at least being weak is better than ragequit freaked by casttime nonsense

    it is like a choise between being hit in the face by knuckle or baseball bat

    i mean choise between two bad things is bad by itself
    Edited by Darkenarlol on September 27, 2018 5:25AM
  • ccmedaddy
    Is the cap halved by Battlespirit (20% of max health)?
  • Arthalion1
    Cast time
    The cap will not be halved by battle spirit. This is the pve change. Previously the 1s cast time was the pve nerf, which drastically affected pvp. Thanks for listening to concerns ZoS.
  • Gythral
    Honestly dont know
    both look terrible tbh
    dead before cast
    dead or a soggy noodle

    seems to be the 2 options
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    Shakes not its top for any blast that blows!”
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  • Cronopoly
    CP Bastion's effects on that 40%? I doubt if anyone knows yet...
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