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Storm calling - mage expert - bonus ?

Soul Shriven
I think about the passive mage expert from storm calling. On my front bar it shows correctly 6 percent for 3 mage class abilities slotted. On my backbar I have 3 other mage abilities slotted and additional the storm calling ultimate. But it shows the same 6 percent on the backbar. Before the wolfhunter update it was 8 percent for 4 abilities. Buggy ? I am playing on the xbox eu server.
  • ChickenSucker
    Same here, but it's my front bar that shows 4% but i've slotted 3 sorc abilities, even tried different sorc abilities but it still says 4% no matter how many i slot.
    Soul Shriven
    The problem is the mage rage ability.
    All other counting to the bonus,
    but not the rage.
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