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[forum request] Class/role specific categories

There are no negatives to doing this other then adding some extra workload to forum mods. It is also strange there are categories for topics like community creations but class discussion is reduced down to one topic for class feedback. it would help a lot instead of googling for class information and receiving hits dating back to 2016/2017 which may or may not be relevant. Understandably there are places like Alcast's website which provides great information; I am certainly not denying that the good info is out there however having a place for classes/roles to collect, share, and discuss should be something your playerbase has access to.

This game is tough on new players and having relevant info easily accessible would only benefit and help bridge the gap.

If not class specific, perhaps role defined.
  • Beardimus
    Most of the specific chats like that have gone to the Class Reps discords.
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