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LFG - Looking for a smallish 18+ PvE guild/home (Swe or Eng)

Soul Shriven
Hello, so i'm looking to find some people to spend my time online with in Tamriel, as the title might suggest.
I'm looking for a guild with a smaller player-base since its something I've always preferred so you don't become just another of the 100+ member, soon lost in the crowd of the next recruit.
Been playing MMOs for 12+ years, starting with the OG Guild Wars, soon moving onto WoW and then multiple different games over the years. I tried ESO first when i get an beta invitation and played for a bit on release, thought i soon put it on the shelf, I've now decided to get back into the game since my MMO fingers have been itching and i have zero interest in getting back to WoW or GW2 for the time being.

I'm mainly a PvE player, just now grinding up my CP and enjoying the different storylines. When i reach the point of getting higher cp and more preferable gear i wouldn't mind looking into vet dungeons and trials. I've been raiding on a 4 to 5 days a week schedule in WoW in its earlier days, though i'm not looking for something that serious for now. Best case scenario would be to find a guild that haven't started with trials yet to be on an even playing field since being boosted through things is not really my cup of tea.

Behind the screen i'm a 23 year old lad from Sweden who works sporadic hours so my schedule shifts around, but i try to get online as often as i have time, when the pub crawl ain't calling. If there are any Swedish guilds out there that'd be amazing, but since i haven't seen any recent posts about such a guild i don't mind going international. I'd prefer a guild that has an 18+ age limit or similar since I've been down the road one too many times with the youngster being quiet "annoying" so to speak and i'd like to not censor crude not always pc friendly jokes and so on.

If you are highly active on voice that'd be great since I'm more keen on being active on discord/ts/vent etc than in a chat.

So, if there is any place out there where i'd fit in, give me a shout. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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