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Didn't Receive Flame Atronach Wolf Pup (console)

Hello ZOS, firstly let me say, I was following this carefully and I'm positive it's not a user issue.

I played during the specified hour in which console players were supposed to earn the Quakecon exclusive pet. I played the full hour, actively, with no idling and no logouts, killed a plethora of enemies - and still I have not received my Flame Atronach Wolf Pup which was due to be delivered on the 28th.

Surely you guys must have data on when we were logged in and such, so how can I go about getting my pet?

As quoted from ( :

If you are on console, don’t worry, you can acquire the pet AND Crown Crates by simply logging into the game and killing one enemy monster in the hour after the Keynote stream (between 1:00PM EDT and 2:00PM EDT). Console rewards will be delivered on August 28.

EDIT: Nevermind, it seems ZOS is being inconsistent and/or not updating us when they change dates.... I mean an announcement WOULD Have been nice.

"*Console players were eligible by logging into the game and killing one enemy monster in the hour after the Keynote stream. Console rewards will be delivered on September 12."

Date change not mentioned anywhere that I've seen....
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  • ricam
    Thank you for this. I've been looking for an answer as well.
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  • Jayne_Doe
    I also did not receive mine.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom

    EDIT: Sorry, just read OP's edit that date was changed to 9/12. I hope that's correct and not a mix up, as that's the date given for the delivery of the crates for killing a monster after the Murkmire stream tomorrow.
    Edited by Jayne_Doe on August 31, 2018 3:38AM
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