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can’t see to find anything regarding consoles, but just curious if there is going to be anything like combat metrics and dot trackers to ever come to console?

Or even the ability to decide what kind of buffs/debuffs you want to see on your screen like a toggle cause at the moment it’s only things like permanent effects, long durations etc
  • Sparr0w
    Haven't heard anything, but there is hope since Bethesda (I know not the same company) did manage to do this with Skyrim and Fallout.

    Yep the buff/debuff tracker is basically awful, I time everything off single target DoT's e.g. Poison Injection or Cripple.

    If not then you've just got to force a circular rotation and deal with overcasting/letting stuff drop off :sweat:
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  • Turelus
    I've not heard anything from ZOS regarding implementing their own and consoles are unlikely to get add-ons in their current form because of the way they work.

    Having some add-on features adopted by ZOS and moved into live would be great though, as they could be less restricted than the API add-ons use.
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  • Ganjii_x
    the main thing with add ons is that Sony only allows some of them, i know that’s the problem with Skyrim on that platform, but i don’t get why they wouldn’t add them to there game in there own design for a quality of life update it would be so helpful, they did add the buff icons so i don’t know how hard it would be to do the rest
  • Beardimus
    You can turn off long / permanent effects in the settings @Ganjii_x

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  • Ganjii_x
    what i mean is i would like to choose what buffs i keep up like major brutality or merciless and get rid of the other buffs i don’t want to see
  • kylewwefan
    would be nice!

    The stuff we have been given is essentially worthless.

    Combat text just adds clutter to the screen. The buff trackers are worthless in their current form.

    There’s no way to breakdown how much you’re getting from each skill, attack, when to re-apply dots or buffs, how many light attacks etc...

    There’s just no love for console

    Well, changing enemy AOE color was helpful at least, and giving us text chat.
  • Ganjii_x
    I totally agree with the no love for console, and to be honest i don’t know how much longer this game will be active on the platforms, i know xbox eu is very quiet with people just moving to pc or just quitting the game.

    Some quality of life updates would go along way in improving the life of the game.
  • HJSmith24
    Completely agree, combat metrics allowing you to analyse in-raid performances would go a long way to improving and enabling completions and keep people more interested. If they were only going to do a handful, that would be number 1 priority imo, closely followed by DoT/(de)buff trackers

    Fingers crossed for some console love
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