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StamBlade Builds

  • Unfadingsilence
    tbh if your trying to "gitgud" at playing a Stam NB all I can say is play it. Sure you can get ideas on what gear sets to run you can hear about great stats like my current setup I'm running where I'm hitting "35k max Stam 6k weapon damage and 3k recovery and 63% critical "fully buffed and not showing master bow proc"

    Or I could show you my other setup

    "Still not showing my master bow proc"

    But tbh all you can really do is play the class you want to play and learn from what's killing you and who's killing you, you see ALOT of 1vX clips online and I'll post one my self...

    But they where "mostly PVE players" and probably not in a group. You won't find someone 1vX a group of guys who are actually in a group or a zerg and know what they are doing "OK maybe but it's rare" so just learn to play your class and have fun

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  • Qbiken
    haakira wrote: »

    Not my build but I think it's worth sharing, this build is super solid. I use it on BG's and Cyrodiil and its brutal. You SHOULD run very high regen on stamblade, over 2.5k or more fully buffed. Dodge roll is your primary defense, cloak second.

    Worth mentioning Killers Blade instead of reverse slice which recovers stamina upon the kill. Use an execute, really.
    You can literally kill from stealth with just Incap, light attack, surprise attack (velidreth most likely procs), light attack execute.

    Watch some of Snikers clips and GL!

    Ran with this yesterday on my Khajit, my max stam and stamina recovery is lower compared to what he has in the video, but it´s a really solid build :)
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  • Feanor
    Stamblade Build: Slot Grim Focus and Incap. Watch the AP flow.

    ;) ;)
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    Tu'waccah - AD Redguard Stamplar

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  • lpw
    Not my build but this is great fun if you don't mind some hate...

    2 x Skoria
    5 x Sloads
    5 x Vicecannon

    However, in BGs I'd mostly suggest looking into as much sustain as possible.. As mentioned above, something like Bone Pirate and Shackle FTW with a monster set of your choice.
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  • Cyn_v84
    Do you use the same sets for non-CP campaigns?
    I'm running around on my main in Cyro, which is built for PVE and don't want to respec CP every single time...
  • Takes-No-Prisoner
    My build I posted worked in Non-CP BG and CP cyrodiil.

    Only thing I neglected to mention for my Non CP BG experience was that once stamina hits 50% and potion is on cool down, its time to find a spot to sit/hide and regain/ wait for potion cool down to finish.

    That seems pretty par for the course for both cp and non cp as over extending can put you in a bad spot.
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