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Is Sloads like Red Mountain now?

Dodgeable projectile that can be line of sighted. RIP this set.
  • DDuke
    I hope so.

    Red Mountain is still a great set in certain setups (try it with Acid Spray on a bow build for example..), but nowhere near "op".
    Decimus (European Megaserver)
  • Amdar_Godkiller
    Skoomah wrote: »
    Dodgeable projectile that can be line of sighted. RIP this set.

    Not if your rune-caged...
  • Ragnarock41
    Tannus15 wrote: »
    set has some form of counter play.
    RIP set :open_mouth:

    Thats PvP in a nutshell.
  • Skoomah
    Good job guys. You cried enough tears to get nerfs. What next? Stam DK?
  • brandonv516
    Nah it will still be pretty good. Just not be overused anymore.
  • Ankael07
    Red mountain has a clearly visible 1 second cast time, only works with weapon skills and on stamina characters.
    Sload's works with every damage, on any type of character and doesnt have any cast time meaning it'll be impossible to react to in melee range
    If you want me to reply to your comment type @Ankael07 in it.
  • Qbiken
    Good luck dodging this set from melee :neutral:
    WTB a non-bugged werewolf for at least one patch
    Probably the worst Werewolf on PC/EU

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  • Arthg
    The devs are fighting the pandemic with homeopathy.
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  • Xsorus
    The set won’t work on nightblades, and is useless against Templars. I imagine sorcs will not be happy till it doesn’t work on them as well and won’t stop crying till it does.
  • Sarousse
    Lol that won't change anything, I will still continue to sload/shield breaker sorcs to death in melee range :D
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