Good level to attempt Imperial City Prison on Veteran mode?

Recently got my tank to level 50, and I am cp378.

I have 5/5 Ebon Armory gear. I posted yesterday in another section about being new to tanking and received a lot of good advice from fellow players on here that I am working on implementing. I tanked my first vet dungeon with this Tank yesterday (normally I am a DPS and have no issues) and it was a decent experience. The last boss was a little confusing (vDarkshade 2) being a tank.

Back to my original point. I really want to do Imperial City Prison to get the Lord Warden Helm (been following Alcast's guide for the Catalyst Tank) and it calls for this monster set. I have not yet run a DLC dungeon, but I have watched tanking guide videos on YouTube for this dungeon.

With Tri-Stat food (Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce) my Health sits at about 35K, Stamina at about 22K and magicka is about 17K.

Any tips for this dungeon? I feel like I should wait, and get better gear, enchants, etc... before attempting, but sometimes I like to jump the gun and go through, just to see where I stand, but then that may cause a bad experience for other players in a group.
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  • Asardes
    CP300 should be enough. Just make sure you watch/read a guide and have 2 DDs capable of pulling at least 25K ST.
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  • driosketch
    Asardes wrote: »
    CP300 should be enough. Just make sure you watch/read a guide and have 2 DDs capable of pulling at least 25K ST.

    Agreed, ICP is long and the boss fights are heavy on mechanics. Once you are past CP 300 it's knowledge, not level, that matters whether you can complete it on vet. Look up those guides and find some capable DPS.
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  • Merlin13KAGL
    160+ , waiting later depending on experience and group composition.
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  • karekiz
    1. Flesh Sculpter - Tank n' Spank - Block his cone attack - Make sure to help with adds or harvester agro <Spawns at about 50% from portal and usually kills newer DPS>

    2. Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor - Tank Boss -> Tank Atro's -> If he goes to "tenderize" a player <he will run out and you will get a warning on your screen> bash him. When he goes mid toss goo on the people heading toward the pit. Watch mid for boss being active. Rinse and repeat. Keeping atro's gathered up is very handy for DPS especially if your in a lower end group as they enrage if not killed fast enough.

    3. Gravelight Sentry - Like him tanked on the far side right next to "A necro". Bash him whenever he casts. Let DPS clear all other Necro spawns till yours is left. Move Sentry to the opposite side of the island allowing the DPS to clear last Necro without knock back. Kill boss - Charge skills help here to get back on the island after a knock back.

    4. Flesh Abom - Take big boss to corner and tank him. Don't move. When he heads toward middle range taunt him back. Hits hard, but other than blocking there isn't much else for tank to do. If you get AoE's do not panic and run around.

    5. 4 Mini bosses - Gather all the mobs up -> AoE them down -> When necro runs off to spawn a totem just drag it all on the totem. Its actually far easier fight then the pull just before it.

    6. Lord Warden - I suggest not trying to "pull him" across the room. It just wastes time and DPS. Head on over just to the right of him <His agro range is ridiculously small don't worry>. That will allow more damage on him faster and more damage means you might even skip mechanics. If you have Warhorn, hit it whenever dps use their ults. If he ports up in air go in blue circle and synergize as you fall <Roll away from orbs if they are near>. During the Shade phase <He splits into 4>. Range taunt them and use the Sword/sheild skill Absorb Magic to heal yourself. You can block his "spam bolt attack" by standing in from of him, but don't worry if it doesn't work. Most people move thus moving him away from your shield. People can shield spam through it or just get healed if need be. He will also port around so just be mindful.

    A thing about this fight is being aggressive. Dump all ults and even have healer slot a DPS ult <Destro staff ftw>. Seriously, they will never use those healing ults here. Once you are in shade phase if you are having trouble use this time wisely. Kill two shades and then with the remaining two have everyone build their ults back to 100%. Once the phase ends by killing last shade everyone to go the middle small circle and taunt him there and have healer/dps/dps drop DPS ults. This way he will enter next shade phase faster <66/33 IIRC>. Then once he hits it again rinse and repeat. If done correctly with moderate DPS you can finish the fight with at most 1-2 ports up + dropping down in portal. <Usually at the end or if you have random ports across the room>.

    **If someone falls into a blue circle before he goes up just remember it uses charges. You have TWO charges per portal so that means it will only take in 1 person after that. Also if you "Fall" on top of an existing portal you will die regardless. The mechanic is that once he ports up 2 players per portal each take one which depsawns both portals while saving the team.

    At 300+ CP your more than fine for the dungeon.
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