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Waiting for Zos agent ( 12 days )

I submitted a ticket number 180705-003895 on 5/7/18 heard back on 7/7/18 saying this has been transferred to another department you should receive a response within 4 days / 96 hours been over 5 days now 7 in total and no response from anyone ? When will I get an update ?
Edited by LordLomax on July 17, 2018 11:58AM
  • redspecter23
    They are hoping you'll forget and move on.

    Is your issue perhaps something the community can assist you with? We're much more prompt than the official customer service, and often more helpful and accurate.
    Edited by redspecter23 on July 12, 2018 11:12PM
    Bal-Busters - PC/NA
  • LordLomax
    Unfortunately it’s only something they can help with but thanks for the offer it is appreciated :)
  • Cêltic421
    Give them a call and leave a message. Report to BBB. Be more agreesive.
  • ZOS_BillE

    We have sent you a PM regarding ticket #180705-003895.
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  • LordLomax
    It is now 12 days total and still no word please can someone please contact me from Zos today . The wait is now ridiculous .....
  • Kikke
    So I see you made a forum post about a ticket, then you ignored said forum post after you had gotten dev respond; now your back complaining that you missed your opening? rly?
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  • LordLomax
    I thanked the person above but as stated above unfortunately it’s an issue only Zos can sort . Dev just said it they will respond soon which they haven’t . Also I just come back from holiday so trying to sort it out
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