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Transfer PS4 to PC

Soul Shriven

is it possible to transfer the character data from PS4 to PC in the meantime? I started on PS4, I have a level 28 character now but I wanted to change to PC because of better graphics and a nice offer for base game + Summerset (and I don't own Summerset on PS4). I would not like to start from 0 again or is it very different to start with the Summerset addon?

  • Taleof2Cities
    There are no platform transfers of characters, sorry.
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  • Korpsy666
    I don't understand... I have at least 2k hours of farming on PS4, maybe more, I just never count, I just want to transfert to PC, I want to pay for the transfert and pay for new CD Key, wich compagny don't want more $$$$. Best game ever...
  • Sparr0w
    The method they initially used only worked as they were transferring to a brand new database, now it would be too much hassle from the sounds of it. You can see the exact response on their support page.
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
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  • Jsho83
    Soul Shriven
    I will buy eso for pc and pay for subscription if I can transfer my ps4 account. There should be like a 1 time thing to transfer; or just make it pay to transfer if its such a issue. I do not and refuse to start over again. Way too many hours in the game. I havn't played in over a year and ahalf now because I don't have a ps4 anymore and I enjoy playing games on my pc more.
  • DjMuscleboy02
    This topic arises pretty often. Understand that, among other things, there are issues with transferring to an existing platform because of data inconsistencies. Each platform is standalone, meaning I can create "DJ's Guild" as a guild on Xbox, PS4, and PC. Now if I was in "DJ's Guild" on Xbox and someone else has already created that guild on PC and my character was moved over to PC then there would be a problem. The same goes for character names, guilds, alliances, and so on. It's not as simple as just transferring your account over.

    Imagine a scenario where I move my account from Xbox to PC, where my username already exists for another player. What decides who gets to keep the name, achievements associated with it, items associated with it, all of this snowballs from something like that happening.

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