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Just wondering about Omaha


I was fighting this shield-stacking sorc in Cyrodiil, and I was thinking about the last couple of years and the addition of the 20k spam shields, the 300k super FPS eye of the storm, and the direction of the game.

Have you ever considered working in Nebraska? In high school I had to read Giants in the Earth, and I think that Nebraska has a certain rugged, hard quality that many would find quite enjoyable. Or out here on the west coast, I know people at EA and Cryptic. Maybe we could pitch like a whole new franchise. California has amazing weather, amazing food, and you can smell the ocean air from the EA campus.

Sarcasm aside, you really need to set aside your magic sorc bias and take care of eye of the storm. It’s utterly ludicrous in Cyrodiil. I can’t be,I’ve you guys let the game get away from you this much so that it’s this tanky and zergy. It’s been a really, really bad year for PvP, and if I’m snarky it’s because I really do think it’s time for you guys to sit down and start discovery on Alliance War 2. The game needs it.
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  • Vapirko
    Most sorcs don’t normally have a 20k shields in PvP. Usually like 10-12k. You gotta use a specific pet build and bis gear/race and allot a ton of CP points to bastion. Sure you can shield stack to that amount but only mag sorcs who know what they’re doing can maintain that and set up burst. Mag sorcs haven’t been a crutch class for some time now.
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