Help me pick a second set for a magplar healer.

I have a templar that I'd like to gear up a little better now that Summerset is here. This is primarily for healing in PvE - dungeons and maybe to start healing normal trials. I have enough SPC to run that as one set but I only have SPC inferno staves, so that's out. Most other BoP sets that I have, I don't have both a destro and a resto staff for.
Of the dungeon and trials sets that seem relevant where I have both:
Mending: I have the impression this wouldn't be a bad choice...but the only Mending destro I have is an ice staff, and I'm a bit nervous about running that in PvE content. I think I can be careful about only doing heavies on the resto bar, but it seems risky.
Sanctuary: I guess I'm not as wild about the bonuses on this set except in maybe a trial setting. For this set, I have both an inferno and yay, another ice staff (as well as the resto).

Those are the only relevant ones I could use with a monster set; I could of course use Mending with staves from another set and forgo a monster set.
For crafted sets, I was thinking either Julianos or Seducer; overland sets would be an option also. Julianos might be the better choice if I want to do harder solo stuff on this character at some point. I've used Kagrenac's Hope in PvP healing but it wouldn't be as relevant (at least I hope so).
I'm most interested in options that are either crafted or overland. (or I guess BoE Cyrodiil sets, but I don't think there are any that are that desirable here).
I'm happy to take input about other dungeon sets, but given the RNG with dungeon weapons, it's not something I can rely on if I want to try to gear up sooner rather than later.
  • zaria
    Sanctuary is nice for trials if you need more heals, a question how much this is needed however.
    Else worm is an nice trial healer set as in reduces spell cost for all.
    Mending is nice in that it reduces damage from enemies, not sure how effective it is in practice.

    I find Jorvuld’s Guidance very nice in dungeons as buffs last longer so you can do more damage or do more HA to restore resources, its more of an dungeon set.

    Benefit of santuary and worm is that they are easy dungeons.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
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  • Taleof2Cities
    Just FYI, you should only need 4-5 runs on nWGT to get a SPC resto staff ... provided your guild/pug mates can trade. Just let them know before the start of the run.
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