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Lots of intermittent lag this past week PS4 NA

It's ESO, so I know to expect lag. However, this past week or so it has been terrible on PS4 NA. I was about to pre-purchase Summerset, but this really has me considering otherwise.

It's not my connection before some of you chime in trying to claim it is. I even bought a brand new Nigthawk router about 2 weeks ago. I can have 4 1080p video streams all running simultaneously without issue. Speedtests are around 110 Mbps down, 12 Mbps up.

Its not enough to disconnect me (DC'd 1 time last night in Bloodroot), but it is bad enough to not be able to bar swap, pull off a consistent rotation, or even move my character without looking like I'm playing with no thumbs. I find myself doing a 180 about 5 seconds after trying to move around.

I'm in the East coast area. Anyone else been experiencing this really bad the past week or so? Came back from about a 2 month break around 3 and a half weeks ago; this is about to make me take another and skip out on Summerset...
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