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Why is Zenny now buffing LA?? - I thought we were being encouraged to use HA for sustain?

  • XiDiabolismiX
    Yamenstein wrote: »
    With the apparent mega incoming buffs to LA, what do you think this is supposed to encourage or favour now?

    > Doesn't this just mean that Zenny is actively promoting weaving (which apparently was unintended all along) and therefore favouring PRO players with perfected weaved rotations?
    > Surely they can't be promoting LA bow spamming?

    I mainly use HA builds - does this mean HA builds will now be dead?

    Though weaving was not intended they have come out and said it's part of the game now. It's not favouring any players, just learn how to weave. Don't need to be a pro to learn that.

    Not sure if LA bow spamming is meant to be a thing, sounds like a L2P issue if people are doing that.

    LA will cause increased damage with the buffs and empowerment, but HA will be returning resources.

    Weaving was fully intended since the conception of this game. It was animation cancelling that was never truly intended.

    Even in this day and age with global cooldowns, the extra benefit of animation cancelling is almost non existent. You can still animation cancel certain skills to get a slight boost, but you can come really close to max damage by just weaving correctly. I mean... how hard is it really to just tap the trigger/mouse/whatever after using a skill?
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