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Best staff for Dunmer with pet build

I’ve been out of this game for several months and am just getting back into it. Don’t play enough to master complex rotations, so on my magsorc I run a pet build that makes the rotation pretty easy. I used to have two sharpened staves, inferno and lightning, but wondering what I should be running now in terms of traits and types of staff.

My character is dunmer, CP 390, running necro/moondancer currently, so I can craft a staff for now. With what I’m reading it seems like dual inferno staffs, one nirnhoned, one infused might make sense, but looking for advice from people a lot better at this game than me. Thanks!
  • Sparr0w
    Always thought you'd want Lightning staves on a pet sorc to trigger the 'Implosion' passive? Plus most skills you'd use on a pet build are AoE so you'd get the 8% (i think) damage boost to that.

    You'd want infused Fire Damage on the front bar staff to get the boost from racial passives & probably nirn spell damage on back bar to increase damage from your AoE's

    EDIT: If you're only running one pet with say Force Pulse on the front bar it may be worth going Fire staff front bar.
    If in doubt check out :smile:
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  • FrancisCrawford
    Spell power doesn't do anything for pet damage, and hence Nirnhorned doesn't either.

  • Oreyn_Bearclaw
    For your particular playstyle, my advice is to go with Double Lighting, Double Infused, Front Fire Glyph, Back Weapon/Spell power glyph.

    As we know, Fire staves boost ST skills and Lighting staves boost AOE skills. The reality is that most of a sorcs toolkit is AOE, especially the traditional Pet/Heavy Attack Build, so even on single target fights, lightning staves work just fine. Sorcs also get all kinds of boosts to lighting damage, so it makes the decision even easier. I would only recommend a front bar fire staff if you are doing a more complex FP/Frag rotation, and heavy attacks are something you are trying to avoid. These builds shift the bulk of your damage away from AOE skills. That said, even on the FP/Frag builds, the difference is really close and some of the best sorcs in the game still go front bar lighting.

    We use the flame enchant on front bar to proc ilambris. The debate between Infused and Nirn on the backbar has merit. For single target, infused is better IMO. If you spend a lot of time on your back bar, OR you AOE from the back bar (no reason to if you have a lighting staff front bar), then the arguments for Nirn have increased merit. Double infused is "meta" for most builds currently.
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